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Fisher-Price Little People Animal Rescue

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Rescue
Price: CDN$ 39.99


Another imagination powered winner from Fisher Price

Fisher Price makes so many great toys. They’ve also done a great job of making one set useable with others. The “Little People” sets use figures that can be swapped and used with other Little People play sets which makes for a lot of possibilities, the little imaginations to create whole communities rather than just one location. One of the things about these toys is the bright colours that are used. It might look gaudy to an adult but to kids it seems to be perfect.

One little person here wasn’t quick to jump on the box and tear it apart, odd I know, but warmed up quickly and there are going to be hours of enjoyment with this. It’s one of those toys that can be combined with loads of things in the toy box to create worlds to explore and animals could be in danger in any imaginary, exotic, or out of this world location. Our kids are quite happy to rescue animals for hours.

Since there are male and female characters it caters to both boys and girls.

Like other Fisher Price toys, this thing is durable and made to handle abuse that only small children can dish out. Pieces fit together nicely, there are no sharp mold lines like on some toys we’ve had over the years. There are a couple of spots which could pinch fingers, like most other toys, but not to the extent that any real injury would happen. It’s all part of the learning experience. It also packs up, folds up, nicely for storage. It looks simple enough but I appreciate how much design development time goes into these things to make them useable for years, safe to play with, and constructed to handle years of kicking, being sat on, and dropped down flights of stairs. In this set there aren’t any really tiny pieces which could be hazardous and we haven’t seen anything that could be broken off and then become a danger either. This makes FP toys well worth the money. All this is important but for us the biggest selling point is always that the whole thing helps develop imagination, allowing kids creativity to come out and be explored.

The real seller for us with toys like this, they do use batteries to power the chit chat, is that they are fuelled by imagination. It’s incredible what young minds can come up with and adults can have almost as much fun, just sit there and watch what they come up with.

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