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Epson ET-4750 Color Photo Printer with Scanner Copier & Fax

Epson ET-4750 Color Photo Printer with Scanner Copier & Fax
Price: CDN$ 574.09


For home use this is a nice little package.

Right off the top, for me the most impressive aspect of this printer was the ink system. By having large on board tanks that are refillable with low cost ink is a big bonus. Printer manufacturers for years now, including Epson, have been almost giving away printers so that we have to buy overpriced teeny tiny ink cartridges and this is biggest reason I stopped printing unless absolutely necessary. I appreciate Epson’s decision to make the 180 turn they took here, I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for hardware and then paying a reasonable price for consumables like ink. If you’ve tried refilling ink cartridges in most cases they’re a bugger to refill and not something the average user will want to attempt. And, because there are no cartridges I don’t have to worry about compatibility of aftermarket replacements not working because of the chips that manufacturers put into their cartridges to ensure their printers only work with proprietary cartridges.

Here refilling the tanks has been made easy. Each tank/bottle combination is set up so that you can’t put the wrong colour bottle on any tank. No geeking required. Looking at the Epson web site, ink is available at very reasonable pricing considering the number of pages each bottle is good for. Ink is also available at other resellers but not that I could find on Amazon, yet.

I did say that the ink tanks are big, taking a cartridge from a different model Epson and holding it up against the printer to get an eyeball comparison I’d say the tanks are about 40% larger internally than the other cartridge’s external dimensions. So not only can I print more from one bottle of ink, the machine came with two sets of ink bottles! Each bottle can fill the corresponding tank if empty and still have left over ink to top up with later. If the given numbers for pages per tank are accurate, I can probably go well over a year before needing more ink.

The reproduction quality is equal or slightly better than other current ink jet printers that we use. Speed of printing is average for black and white documents, image printing is slow compared to similar machines, but for home use its quite adequate. The fact that it does duplex (double sided) printing is a big bonus in such a small printer. The paper tray holds enough sheets (listed as 150) for home use. Unlike some other current Epson printers there is no single sheet feeder at the back or front, the kind of thing I use for feeding photo paper on the others. The sheet pick up is also quite loud so printing late at night means having the door to the home office closed.

Scanning on this machine is done by placing the document or image on the table, the top sheet feeder is only for copying. This is also different than other current machines which use the feeder for scanning as well. Scan speed is not the fastest but the quality is very good. Scans can be pushed right to a desktop if desired, emailed, or sent to a cloud service.

When I tested its fax capabilities the machine worked without a hitch. Not that faxes will be used for much longer as scanning and then emailing offers better reproduction, but it’s nice to still have that option.

For general home printing this machine is a good fit and offers a large saving over time when doing a comparison between cost of hardware and ongoing ink needs. It does have a few areas where it falls behind but overall it’s a nice printer that offers very nice reproduction of images, when you consider it’s only a 4 ink printer.

► Kudos to Epson for making the change to a realistic hardware cost and stepping away from way over priced ink refills.
► Large ink tanks mean far fewer, and less costly, refills
► Reproduction quality for images is very good for a 4 ink printer
► Scan/copy/fax options all work very well
► Installation like for the other Epson printers we have was painless and straight forward
► The included CD does provide the needed software and drivers to get connected if you’re not online.
► While online the set-up program will download current versions for both software and drivers. There is also an auto updater that works nicely without being a pain and always popping up when it’s least wanted.
► After filling the tanks the printer immediately checked and found that there was a firmware update. Nothing techy here, just acknowledge that you want it to update and the rest is automatic.
► The display panel, that conveniently tilts out and up, is easy to navigate for customizing settings but right out of the box everything worked at default.
► Network setup was very simple for both Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi
► The Quick Guide is well laid out and easy to follow with only a few steps involved, I had it up can running in less than 10 minutes which included adding the ink
► The Epson Print Enabler app was a cinch to install and use for printing direct from both Android and Apple phones

♦ There is no USB or SD card slot for printing images without going through a PC or phone
♦ No USB B (that odd square with rounded corners connector) cable is included for direct connection
♦ Document feeder does not work with scanner feature
♦ No single sheet feeder

A side note, when the tanks are filled they don’t have the bright colours you see in the images they use here, that’s advertising magic. Even looking at the bottles, the ink is a very light colour, except of course for black.

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