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ECEEN Handheld Flashlights LED Lamp Torch Solar Powered & USB Cable Rechargeable Waterproof Outdoor Camping

ECEEN Handheld Flashlights LED Lamp Torch Solar Powered & USB Cable Rechargeable Waterproof Outdoor Camping
Offered by ECEEN INC Price:$18.99

A well-made light that’s worth buying but don’t buy into the sales pitch about being an outdoors product


I like solar powered things so this was easy for me to like especially once I saw how bright it is.

While it can help keep the charge up in its battery the solar panel on this thing will take a very long time to recharge a fully drained battery. The claim is that it’s a 1 watt solar panel, I would challenge them to provide the specs on that. I’ve been involved with solar energy for the last ten years and have seen many claims like this but all of them could not be substantiated. As I said, t best the panel will help keep the battery charged when not attached to a USB charging point. The panels ability to provide a certain current that ultimately translated to watts is always rated under the absolutely best conditions which this will almost never experience. You wold need to keep it in the sun with the panel angled at 90 degrees for the full time the sun is out just to get the best results. Now add any dust and even the plastic shield to the front of the panel and you reduce the total amount of sun that can reach the panel. So, the claim they make that after being in the sun for 8 hours will provide 3 to 4 hours of light is VERY optimistic, almost to the point of dreaming.

Ok enough of that, I just wanted to make a point that the claims are very optimistic, I happen to really like this flashlight. I like that the solar panel will keep the battery from discharging when not in use even if you leave it a window so that it can get as much light as possible. Then if you use t and need to recharge you can do so from any USB enabled charge point. but this brings up a possible problem, the USB charging cable is not your standard micro or even mini USB connector. It’s a proprietary cable that goes from a standard USB 2 connector to a round jack which is more familiar to people who have used an ear phone (non-stereo) for things like those old AM radios. Long story short, don’t lose the charging cable!

The 500 Mah battery has provided a good 3 1/2 hours of light after the initial charge. This is good considering how much light this actually puts out.

The light feels solid and the metal finish makes it look solid as well. The way it’s put together is well done. It and finish are excellent. The machining is very good and the pieces fit together nicely.

The switch is excellent; you know just by feeling it that you’ve activated not deactivated it. You also get audible feedback that it’s been depressed. The silicone cover on the switch makes it easy to keep your thumb on it, plastic switch covers ted to allow fingers to slip off of them.

The charging port is a weakness unfortunately. In order to keep dust and moisture out a small silicone plug is used. If this plug was even 2mm longer it would have made it far more difficult to pull it out accidentally. This plug is connected to what looks like an O ring that seals off the back plate and main body from moisture. While this may work, the problem is that the bezel which holds the lens when removed has no seal whatsoever, there is no moisture (never mind water) seal between the lens bezel and main body. If this light as splashed with water and immediately shaken or towelled off it could withstand the dousing but any sustained exposure will result in water entering the main body which will then lead to corrosion and then bad things happen to the battery.

The plastic cover on the solar panel is simply fitted in, there is no seal along both sides running along the main body. I can pop my finger nail under it and if I wanted I could pop it out. There is no water seal here.

So, the result is that while it provides a great deal of light, has a rechargeable battery that can be kept full by way of the built in solar panel, this I not a camping or outdoors light at all. Keep it indoors and you won’t be disappointed.

There is one more thing that could have been done far better. The main body is far to smooth. The light is slippery, if the maker would have put a bit of knurling (those ridges that allow you to hang onto things better) around or along the main body it would yet again make it more useful.

So, I said I like the flashlight and I do, even with its short comings. I just wanted to point out how it could have been made better and how the make has done a good job of selling the product with a few stretches here and there.

Is it worth $19.00, I think so as long as you buy it for the capabilities it does have not for what the maker claims it has or can do.


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