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EBL Smart Individual 4 Bay AA AAA Fast Charging Battery Charger

EBL Smart Individual 4 Bay AA AAA Fast Charging Battery Charger With 4 AA 2300mAh Rechargeable Batteries
Offered by EBL official
Price: CDN$ 19.99


For the price it’s like they threw in the charger for free

I’m pleased with the charger and batteries. When I ordered this I also ordered 8 of the AAA version battery. Since each slot is independent you can mix and match your batteries, capacity doesn’t matter nor does chemistry, you can have both Ni-MH and NiCad charging at the same time.

This isn’t a rapid charger but it’s also not an overnight affair. From dead, it takes about 4 hours to charge the AA and a little less than 3 hours for AAA’s. Because this doesn’t rapid charge, the batteries don’t get hot which is a very good thing. When batteries stay cool their life expectancy goes up. The slot you see in the back of the charger allows for air to flow over the batteries which does help.

This is just a charger, it does not discharge/condition before charging. See below for more info on this.

The prongs on this are the fold our variety which makes for easier storing, nothing to catch. It works well and the indicator light for each battery lets you know when it’s finished. Red for charging and green for charged.

The only odd thing with this set up is that the AAA batteries end up going in at an angle rather than sit level due the way the requires contacts are set up. It doesn’t affect its ability to charge, it’s just a visual thing.

If you want to get the most out of your batteries, please read this section:
As soon as I received this set up I put the batteries on a charger that discharges at a set rate before charging. It’s important even with Ni-MH to get three full charge/discharge cycles into them before you end up doing any partial charges. If you don’t do this the batteries will never get to full capacity. The charger will show them as charged but if it’s a 1000mAh battery the most you might ever get into it before the charger shows done is 900mAh. Once you get the three cycles over with partial charges aren’t nearly as hard on the chemistry. The other important thing to keep in mind when charging batteries, keep them as cool as possible. They will always warm but with a slow charge there is little heating compared to a rapid charge. The warmer they get during charging the shorter their life span. If you want to get the longest life span from your rechargeable then they should be discharge to the right voltage before charging.

There are a number of chargers you can buy through Amazon that will let you discharge to the correct voltage and then recharge at the right rate. With one of these you’ll get a lot more life out of both AAA and AA batteries (NiCad and Ni-MH), they work with both. While Amazon no longer sells the one I use but it looks like this one will work just fine as it has the discharge option -> ANSMANN Powerline 4 Light Smart Battery Charger for NiMH & NiCd AA, AAA Rechargeable Batteries + USB-Port for iPhone/Android (450mAh Charging Power), with LCD-Display + 4x 2850mAh AA Battery and this charger also comes with 4 AA batteries.

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