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Easy to use, accurate, and just works, exactly what I want from a blood pressure monitor

BROADCARE Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with case


Probably the best feature of the BROADCARE Blood Pressure Monitor is its ease of use. There are options for storing readings but I really only care about what my BP is when taking it. When I need to catalogue readings I set up a spread sheet as this gives me room for more details than just showing BP and heart rate at a given time and date. The monitor though will store up to 99 tests for two different people if this is something people want to use.

Up front, the most important aspect of a device like this is its accuracy. My doctor encourages his patients to bring in their personal BP monitors and have the nurses do a comparison test any time they have an appointment with him. I’ve done this three times now over the four months I’ve had this monitor. It checks out every time, well within an acceptable difference that means it’s still accurate on both BP and heart rate. No two BP monitors, even two in a hospital, will show exactly the same even when used at the same time.

Like any BP monitor that your doctor will use, the arm band easily fits around your upper arm and the cuff is made so that it can be positioned and snugged up without the need for any one helping. It’s large enough to fit big guys and can be used on smaller petite people like my wife. I find it very easy to get set up, it took maybe half a dozen times to get the h ang of it. You can see by the images that this is a simple device to use, you don’t need to be in a medical position nor do you need to be technically inclined to get good readings.

I’ve had other BP monitors and all seem to be pretty much about the same operation wise, where this one sets itself apart is that it has a rechargeable battery vs. disposable alkaline’s. The unit comes with a micro to USB a charging cable which be plugged into any port you use for charging any other USB powered device.

It does get quite a few tests on one charge. I’ve done over 200 now and still haven’t recharged the battery since the original charge after receiving it.

There’s nothing I can really nit-pick about and nothing that I don’t like.

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