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Dr. mist UNSCENTED deodorant Large Size Natural Unscented Long Lasting Unisex Deodorant

Dr. mist UNSCENTED deodorant Large Size Natural Unscented Long Lasting Unisex Deodorant

Works great without applying nasty stuff that’s unhealthy

We’ve been using non-chemical alternative deodorants for some time with a lot of success.

While we’ve have had very good performance with this, and various salt or basic/simple formulations, we found that eliminating a large amount of processed foods greatly reduced how fast pit odours started and it also reduced how nasty the stink is by a huge portion. The arm pit is an area where the body eliminates toxins and waste, hence the stink, so greatly reducing the intake of toxins has helped in a lot of different ways. It seems that some people haven’t had any luck with the product but in our case it works very well and we only need a few spritzes to cover a pit. While it seems natural to saturate the pit with any kind of deodorant we’ve found that simply covering the whole area with a light spray is enough. Keeping the spray bottle about 8 inches away and using a couple short spurts is enough for us.

I’ve personally found that even when doing hard physical work that generates a fair bit of sweat (renovations) this simple formulation does a very good job of keeping the stink away even on those days when we’re putting in 14 hours of work.

I like the idea of not applying a lot of chemicals, some of which have been found to cause or be part of bringing on chronic illnesses when applied for long periods of time (years). This also doesn’t leave any kind of residue that can or will transfer to clothes. we simply wait a minute before putting on a shirt. We’ve not had a stain or any discoloration because of it.

If I have one negative with this it’s the bottle size vs. cost. Yes Dr. Mist works but so do other similar products but they can be had at a better price point. Even for only two people in a home, this bottle isn’t going to last very long.

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