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dodocool USB-C Hub Type C Charger with Power Delivery Charging Port

dodocool USB-C Hub Type C Charger with Power Delivery Charging Port with 3 USB 3.0 Ports, 4K Video HD/VGA Output Port, Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Compact size and no compromise on performance


Technology is great.

I used to carry around three seperate items in my folio along with the tablet so that I could connect to client’s presentation systems. I had to, not everyone uses the same tech plus I need to connect a wireless mouse and often a thumb drive. This little gadget does everything in one small box plus it gives me three additional USB A ports.

For me the main things are network speed and HDMI quality. Both are excellent. I’m getting gigabit speeds on network connections and true 1080 video on HDMI.

USB 3 is fast but when combining and running things like ethernet, HDMI, and additional USB ports through one USB C connection there will be a bit of slow down. The box does seem to prioritize, the video running through the HDMI port never seemed to degrade nor was the ethernet port speed affected under general use, the USB port write speed was affected only slightly when everything else I mention above was going on.

There’s only one indicator on the device. The green LED located on the same end as the RJ45 Ethernet port. It simply lights up and stays solid while the adapter is plugged in and powered up.

► Write speeds to external drives remains very close to those I get when the drives are inserted in a port on my PC or laptop. See image.
► I did find that the box got warm while running an HD display, copying over a large file to a thumb drive inserted in one of the USB ports, and general internet use on the RJ45 port.
► Running an old VGA display, everything looked good, no lines or visual noise of any kind.
► The various ports plus the USB C connector are all nice and solid, no sloppy connections.
► Works as described and better than I was expecting.
► On Windows 10 there was no driver or configuration required.

Since I can’t find anything negative I have no reason not to give out 5 stars.


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