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DMSO Gel 90 (1 lb)

DMSO Gel 90 (1 lb)
Offered by EntirelyPets CA
Price: CDN$ 37.49


Great “veteranary” product… wink wink

Working well for my wife’s sore arthritic knees and destroyed the fungus patch on my back. Oops, did I say it was my wife’s knees, silly me, this is for not human use dontchaknow. Big pharma doesn’t want to lose out on any sales of it’s toxic pills with major side effects do they.

Before you use this product do some research. It’s not like rubbing Vicks on your chest, some could have reactions to it that make its application very uncomfortable.

Before using the product I had read Dmso: Nature’s Healer and I would suggest you do as well so you have a good understanding of how and why DMSO works as good as it does. There is also information on how the product has been used as an adjunct to help chemical drugs work better.

Please, read up on this before using it, yes… Do some research before applying it. There you have been informed three times on what you should do before using it.

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