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DeLonghi FH1163 MultiFry Ultra Low-Oil Fryer and Multicooker

DeLonghi FH1163 MultiFry Ultra Low-Oil Fryer and Multicooker (3.3lb) with Surround Double Cooking System


Healthy french fries and no worry cooking, how did we get this far without it

When we first received the machine we looked at it and wondered how well it would work. In the past we had a similar alliance, one that you could add rings to expand the height so a chicken could be roasted and that sort of thing but it always left us going back to the oven or bar-b-que, ultimately it ended up in recycling. Apparently this concept has not been forgotten and DeLonghi has perfected the process.

Have you ever used something and known right away that it was going to work out for you? This is how we felt about the Multifry. This machine is magic and has earned a permanent place in our kitchen. It’s one of those appliances where before you get it you wonder if you’ll really use it or not and then once you have you wonder why you did get it sooner. The name Multifry is misleading as the food really is cooked by convection and not fried hence the reason its healthier. We found that the convection process really reduces the cooking time and when combined with the lower heating elements under the pan food is evenly cooked. So far we’ve not experienced any burnt crusty food which isn’t good for you.

It hasn’t mattered what we cook in this thing it provides a great tasting meal. Everything is well cooked and without more than about an ounce of oil if we add oil at all. I personally like roasted potatoes, yes let’s throw in a few carrots but it’s the potato’s that I like. Typically, we’ve been roasting them on the bar-b-que in tin foil with a fair bit of oil to keep the spices on them and to keep everything from burning. With the Multifry we can enjoy roasted potatoes and other vegetables without the guilt of having used very little oil, mostly we can even get away without any at all. So far nothing we’ve tried has come out bad. We really appreciate that we can do this without using a microwave which isn’t the healthiest cooking appliance.

So potatoes mean French fries. If you’ve ever had French fries done in the oven you know they end up having nowhere near the same taste as those from the fast food places. We found that the Multifry made excellent tasting French fries with no more than an ounce of oil! That’s right, great tasting French fries that aren’t going to make your arteries go looking for a drain cleaner after the meal.

Nothing we’ve cooked has taken more than 45 minutes to finish up. 45 minutes for a fully cooked healthy meal that you really don’t need to check on. If it’s something like potatoes or anything else that is cut into small pieces, think chicken breasts or cubes of beef, the rotating paddle keeps everything gently stirred so that everything is cooked evenly. This allows us to take care of other things while lunch or supper is being perfectly cooked. We really like that the food is always well cooked, never burnt, and it doesn’t require a lot of attention.

While food is cooking it’s very easy to check on it. Push the release button located on the front panel, the top opens up and the convection blower stops. It opens fairly wide making it easy to reach all the way in.

The manual has suggestions for cooking various foods and includes the amount of time you can expect it take with each as well as the recommended power setting, the power control is the yellow dial on the top towards the middle. The timer located in the front panel is a great idea, especially since you can remove it and take it with you (see image below). When you’re done it just slides back into its holder so it won’t get lost. It’s another great idea.

I should note that the paddle is very hard to extract. It fits into its holder very tight and there is no release on it. You have to get a good grip and pull straight out. This little bit of work in no way takes away from us using it. We found it’s easier to pull out after the pan has cooled.

Since It worked so well on foods that were cut into small pieces it was time to try something else. We like fish but it’s always messy to clean up. Since the pan cleans so easily we thought clean up here should be easy and it was, but how well would it cook anything that isn’t stirred? Again because of the heating elements beneath the pan and the convection heating from above the fish worked out excellent. Moist with a slightly roasted exterior. Better and faster than in the oven or bar-b-que.

So far we haven’t found anything that would make us hold back from recommending it. In fact, we’ve had friends over and cooked meals while they watched, some were pretty sceptical that the food would taste at all or that it would even be cooked and asked us what TV commercial we fell prey to. I’m pretty sure that at least a few couples have ordered their own. We ended up getting kudos every time. I’m not a chef and this thing makes me look good.

Ultimately with consumer products it’s a matter of how complicated something is that will dictate how often it gets used. End result for us is it gets used three or four times a week. It’s very simple to operate with or without the stirring blade. Using the stirring blade means you never again have to make sure you get back to the pot on time, it takes care of the food for you allowing you to attend to other things.

After using it clean up is simple. With the push down of a button on the front of the pan its handle pops up and unlocks the pan. Lift the handle and the whole pan easily slides out for washing. Since the pan is no stick you really only have to wipe it out with a wash cloth. The clear top shield pops out forwards after depressing the two releases on either inside of the convection element. Clean up is far easier than a typical frying pan or pots. Think of this more like washing up a crock pot, it’s that simple.

This is a well thought out appliance that will actually get used in your kitchen and provide you with healthier foods that can have that fried taste if you want it without using gallons of oil. We like it, food tastes good, it’s easy to clean, it cooks faster than other options we have, you don’t have to watch over it, and it makes healthy good tasting French fries so what’s not to like?


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