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DeLonghi America PACAN120EW 12000BTU Whisper Cool Portable Air Conditioner

DeLonghi America PACAN120EW 12000BTU Whisper Cool Portable Air Conditioner
Price: CDN$ 591.39


Sharp looking device that works the way its supposed to, window slider is an issue though

This sharp looking portable air conditioner is heavy but thankfully once unpacked the casters make moving it easy. Built in handles on the sided that make lifting it if needed easy enough. I can manoeuvre it down stairs with some effort but it’s too much for my wife to handle. When it does come time to store it DeLonghi has included a very nice dust cover.

Set up may take a little time depending on the window this will be fitted to. Primarily the issue for me was putting together the slider portion of the window mount which the exhaust pipe connects to. Included are three pieces of channel that are used for configuring the slider to fit multiple different sized windows. One 20 inch piece has the hole which the cone shaped exhaust snaps into. Our windows slide open vertically and are 44 inches tall. The two main window pieces are 20 inches long, the third smaller one is 10 inches. The idea here was that if the secondary 20 inch piece was too long the 10 inch piece could be used and a nice fit achieved. For our window I needed to use all three and MacGyver the thing together. The included adhesive backed weather stripping was long enough for one side, and would be long enough for both if you only used the two 20 inch pieces, so I used some that I had left over from another project so that both sides make a nice snug fit. Included are two plastic tacks which are meant to hold the slider together and these would probably work fine if the whole thing was mounted horizontally. I secured the three pieces with a few screws to make sure things held. This was by far the most complicated part of the set up and I can appreciate that there is no standard that can be used when designing such a system which would work, without a little tweaking, in every installation but I will hold against the manufacturer the fact that they do not include material to mount the slider in a vertical window that’s more than 38 inches tall. After that the remaining set up was easy. End pieces fit snug to the exhaust pipe (dryer hose) and can easily be threaded on once the pipe has been stretched out. This part took about 5 minutes to complete.

I want to address what some people seem to be concerned about with this type of air conditioner. It only has one hose for exhausting hot air and moisture. It thereby causes negative pressure meaning it has to draw air from inside the home to make up for the air that’s pushed outside. Window mount air conditioners use outside air to cool and then expel that hot air outside again keeping inside air inside. Using outside air for cooling means keeping the already cooled air inside. Using a portable one hose system while pushing some cooled air outside means fresh air is drawn into the house to replace the exhausted air. I like having fresh air in the house. Simply recycling inside air, window mount coolers, keeps bacteria, viruses, paint and cooking fumes, dog and litter box odours trapped in the home with you, is not ideal. Think about this, if you’ve had a new furnace installed in at least the last 5 years that system already draws in outside air right into the cold air return so that your home doesn’t smell stale. This is the same.

Powering up the device. IMPORTANT thing to note here, this is also included in the material you should read before setting the unit up, don’t start the cooler for at least 6 hours after receiving it. This is standard with any device that has a refrigeration unit in it. During transport the machine could be laid on its side or even upside down which causes the refrigerant in the cooling system to pool in areas where it shouldn’t. By letting the machine sit for over 6 hours (better 24) the refrigerant runs back into the reservoir where it belongs. The machine can now run properly without burning out the system. The manufacturer suggests this be run on a single plug in outlet. This is because when in full cooling mode it can draw over 9 amps, the label on the back says 9.5 and using a KILL A WATT (see images below) I measured up to 9.38. If you have anything else plugged in anywhere on this circuit it could be enough to trip a standard 15 amp breaker.

Ok now it’s all set up, you’ve read the manual and understand what everything on the display means, now hit the power button and enjoy the cool air, simple. Your choices are cooling (with options), dehumidify, and fan only (with three speeds). The cooling options are standard A/C, Real Feel which works to dehumidify and cool in a way that makes for the higher level of comfort than normal A/C can provide and with the use of an LED lets you know when it’s achieved the best level of comfort, and then the so called Whisper mode. I say so called because someone on the marketing team must be deaf and thought this thing made no noise when they engaged this option. It does slightly reduce fan noise but it cannot reduce the refrigeration unit noise which is a good part of what you hear. Does Whisper mode make it quieter, slightly, will it allow light sleepers to drift off easier, not likely. This next item I really like, all that moisture that’s been pulled out of the air is heated and expelled out of the exhaust which means no draining required. The dehumidifier function works great. There is a pan, with its drain plug located on the back, but we’ve not had any water leaking out the machine when using A/C or dehumidifier mode meaning the moisture is being handled the way it’s supposed to by this machine, this is a great feature and one that we considered when ordering the air conditioner.

Items on the control panel and remote control are intuitive and won’t take more than a minute to suss out. There is a nice little nest on top of the unit that is used to store the remote, nice touch.

I like the Bio Silver filter. Silver, simply the world’s best anti-bacterial and anti-viral is used in the material the screen is made out of. This helps to kill off the nasty bugs that inhabit our homes with us and keeps us healthier. This is a pull and rinse filter that is easily accessed and replace on the top back side of the unit.

We run this in our about 220 square foot bedroom. It cools the room from 28C to 20 C in about 20 minutes.

What I liked:
Cool fresh air because of the one hose design
It has features I like plus a 2-year warranty
Sharp looking, fit and finish are very well done
Easy to use, well laid out control panel that auto dims
Remote doesn’t require a 9 year old to figure it out
It works the way it’s supposed to every time.
No draining the condensed water
Rolls nice
All in all this is a really good value.

Only thing I don’t like about it is the tweaking needed to make the slider fit a vertical window and for that I’m stripping off a star. It wouldn’t kill the manufacturer to include one longer piece so it can be mounted without frustration in a vertical window.


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