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DBPOWER Accurate Smart Digital Kitchen Scales with Tempered Glass

DBPOWER Accurate Smart Digital Kitchen Scales with Tempered Glass Design(Sleek and Modern)-11 lbs Capacity

More accurate than is usually needed in the kitchen and has worked well for near a year


Decent price (on Black Friday sale) for a kitchen scale.

Easy to use although getting the plastic barrier out from underneath the battery was difficult. The battery is held very tightly in its compartment which meant that you could not simply pull the plastic tab out as you do in so many other devices that use a button battery.

I would really like to see the readout back lit as it can be difficult to read even in day light especially if something is shadowing the display.

Accuracy is decent for a scale in this price range and we’re found that its only out by about 3 grams on anything over a kilo. Under a kilo it seems to do better with only a .5-gram variance. The Tare, auto zero, function works well. In fact, everything on this scale works well. You have the convenience of switching from kilos to pounds, millilitres to fluid ounces simply by pressing the button to the left of the display.

Clean up is simple, take a wet wash cloth and wipe down the glass top.

The auto power down feature saves the battery. The battery that came in my scale was a CR2025, but the tag right above the battery compartment states that it takes a CR2032 – both batteries are the same voltage just one is slightly slimmer than the other, either of these button cells can be purchased on Amazon or your nearest drug store if you’re in a rush.

It is accurate, more than enough, for average kitchen use.

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