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CWK® High Performance Battery for Asus G73JW Series

CWK® High Performance Battery for Asus G73JW Series: G53 G53J G53S G73 G73G G73J G73S Lamborghini VX7 Laptop Notebook Computer PC Asus 70-NY81B1000Z 07G016DH1875 90-NY81B1000Y A42-G73 G73-52 [8-Cell 4400 mAh 14.8V] 24 Months Warranty


Value for the money is here with a product that is a direct replacement to the over priced OEM’s

For the price this was a great buy. I have an older G73 in which the battery after 4 years finally gave out. ASUS wants a fortune but I’m generally leery about buying after market battery packs. I took a chance and have to admit, I’m happy with the product.

The battery arrived with about a 75% charge in it. First thing, like with any battery (especially lithium batteries) it got a full charge and then three cycles of full discharge/recharge before being charged when needed. It’s important that the first three cycles are full, if not the battery will never actually end up holding a 100% (or as close as it can get) charge. This isn’t a memory issue like old NiCad batteries, this is about properly activating the chemistry within the lithium battery.

After the three charge cycles above I can easily get around 2 1/2 hours out of a charge, pretty much what I was getting with the original battery when it was new.

The fit is perfect, it slid right in and holds secure. There was no issue with the system accepting and using/charging the battery.

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