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Cuisinart ViewPro Glass 2-Slice Toaster

Cuisinart ViewPro Glass 2-Slice Toaster
Price: CDN$ 103.99


Toast meets technology and the winner is you

The ViewPro Glass is a terrific looking toaster. Without even getting into the workings of the device, it just looks great sitting on your counter. The use of glass panels that allow you to see how toasted your bread, bagels, or whatever you choose to toast is, is brilliant and a major portion of what makes this toaster look so good. Fit and finish are what I’ve come to expect from Cuisinart, excellent.

When I got my hands on this I went on a toasting binge and tried all manner of bread, bagels, and pancakes (yup I’m that guy). I wasn’t disappointed by anything that came out of the toaster. There were couple of times when I selected more time than needed but because I could see what was happening I could cancel the operation before the toast was… well toast, burnt beyond being edible.

Controls are nicely laid out and easy to figure out even if you do the guy thing and don’t read the manual first. If you like toasted bagels this machine won’t disappoint. On the top is an icon embossed in the steel cover showing that the cut sides of a bagel face out. Now when you select bagel as a toasting option the outside elements heat up and not the middle ones which means you get nicely toasted bagels on the cut side. The options available for heating: single slice, bagel, defrost, and reheat are easily selected by touching the icon and then sliding your finger up the browning scale till you have the desired level, then depress the basket to lower your bread. Simple, elegant, and smooth. Because of the options think of this as a vertical toaster oven. The quartz heating elements do a much better job of toasting evenly across a slice of bread and give off nice red glow through the side windows. Again visually appealing while doing a better job than the big box store off the shelf toasters. Standard toasters use a wire that’s passed back and forth in a manner that is supposed to provide even toasting. Well sometimes it works but usually not as well as this device. But beyond that you’re off the shelf toaster doesn’t have the options for defrosting, reheating, and only toasting the cut side of bagels. I’m not a big bagel connoisseur but when I do eat them I appreciate having only the cut side browned and have been using a toaster oven to achieve this up till now. I may be the odd one in the crowd but I like reheating pancakes and typical toasters haven’t done a great job, I have no idea why but the Cuisinart has done by far the best job on pancakes. The owner’s manual goes into some detail about the science of toasting, I ever believed there was this much involved in what to me was a simple process. This is an engineered toaster and functions like one.

The double glass panes on each side allows viewing your toast and still keep the sides of the toaster cool enough that you don’t burn yourself. While they glass sided do get warm they aren’t anywhere near as hot as the metal sided toasters we’ve used. The inside panes are easily slid out for cleaning as is the bottom crumb tray. The mechanics of removing and inserting the trays is a simple one that takes mere seconds and requires no tools.

Looks better than any other toaster I’ve seen, make your kitchen look better
The glass sides allow you to see how browned your toast is
Multiple heating options, properly toasted bagels
The glass sides to not get as hot as regular toasters meaning you’re less likely to get burnt by it
Toasts evenly
Easy to clean

Price is higher than most will pay for even a supped up toaster
Power cord could be at least a foot longer
Stainless steel would have been a nice touch and certainly it was expected for the price

I don’t know that it’s worth $127.00 but it is a Cuisinart and looks great, works better, plus comes with options you won’t find anywhere else. It has a 3-year warranty and because it’s a Cuisinart if it does break down I’m not worried about getting good service. This is a high end product and performs like it. It’s hard for me to rate this as I’ve never owned anything else like it, there is nothing in its class that I have ever encountered. I have to rate it based on how well it functions to achieve what you want, it’s easy of operation, how well its built, and its looks. For me it’s a clear choice, 5 stars.

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