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Cuisinart Steam Oven, Silver CSO-300C

Cuisinart Steam Oven, Silver CSO-300C   

It simply doesn’t get better than this


Totally blown away, this is one excellent little oven.

The 5 heating elements are fast for baking or broiling. The steam option is better than I expected and does one heck of a great job when baking something like squash or warming up dried out buns. The convection option makes terrific crispy roasted chicken. The one button dial is very intuitive; you don’t need to read the manual to make this puppy work. Simple push the dial button, rotate to select the option you want, push the dial button again, select the temperature, push it again and select he amount of time required, then push the start button. Need to make a change to any setting while its running, simply push the dial button again and step through till you can change the item required. Very simple which is a great feature. Why learn how to fly a jet just to toast bread?

We use the oven at least once a day, in the morning to make toast. Most days though it either gets used for lunch or dinner as well. Keeping it on the counter isn’t a problem as it takes up less space than most of the small microwaves. We’ve replaced our microwave with it, it’s become well known that microwaved food isn’t the best thing for a person to be eating and quite frankly, roasted food just tastes better never mind the fact that microwave food is always bland looking. So we get better tasting, looking, and healthier food plus have more counter space.

The water reservoir is large enough that it doesn’t require constant filling. We use reverse osmosis water so just like our kettle we don’t need to worry about calcium and mineral build up which would otherwise happen and require decalcification treatments.

There are smaller ovens and there are larger ones as well but we haven’t found one that does a better job of roasting (and we’ve gone through a few that have always ended up going to Value Village), reheating, baking, or making rice the way it should be made. The steam option simply goes well beyond what any other ovens offer, even those that would be considered in the top end. It’s one of those things that makes you think you should order a second one to have on hand if the first one dies because it works so well.

The convection feature works better than our range oven. In such a small area moving the air around makes a huge difference. We haven’t made a roasted chicken in the main oven since we received this appliance, it does such a good job of fully cooking and giving you that nice brown roasted chicken that makes you mouth water. Because the oven is so much smaller than the one in our range it ultimately uses far less energy to roast anything we put in it which means we save money.

#### Follow up:
It’s been 11 months now and we are still very pleased with this oven and use it daily, some days two or three times. It still consistently makes toast or roasts a chicken. The steam feature still works exactly the way it’s supposed to. We haven’t experience any leaks from the reservoir or inside the oven. Other than regular cleaning it this oven has be care free.

The only negative thing I can mention, and it’s not significant, is that the rack has slightly drooped towards the middle. It’s not significant but notable. I don’t count this against the product, any rack that as thin as this one (made to accommodate the small space so not as thick as a convention full size oven) that gets heated two or three times a day will eventually show some deformation, it can’t be helped. Again, this in no way effects the functionality or usefulness of the oven, I’m simply stating what we have experienced in just under a year of using it. Also in this time we haven’t had any rusting, not one single spot.

We’re glad that we purchased this particular oven and Cuisinart remains a brand name we will by again.

Easy to operate control panel
Uses less energy to achieve the better results
Steam feature makes reheating food so much better because it’s not dried out
Any baking that has been done in it has come out better than in our range oven
Small foot print means we have more counter space
Has been used at least once per day for a year and is still going strong we have no complaints

Watch for
It does get very warm on the top so make sure you give it some head room under a counter

We are exceptionally happy to have purchased this oven and can whole heartedly recommend it.


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