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CUISINART CBT-2000C Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP Blender, (Gun Metal)

CUISINART CBT-2000C Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP Blender, (Gun Metal)
Price: CDN$ 448.98

This blender boldly goes where no blender has gone before with more horse power than my mower


This blender boldly goes where no blender has gone before

Right out of the box this blender looks awesome. Forget renovating the kitchen, just place this on your counter and it’ll already look better. Cuisinart has long been one of my favourite brand names. Every one of their products has performed above expectations and on the one occasion I needed service it was painless. I believe this is a large part of why Cuisinart is such a respected name, excellent products and after sales service.

First thing you notice when running the machine is it has V8 kind of power. I decided I would try pulverizing some ice cubes as a first test. I dropped a dozen cubes in the jug and help down the lid (redundant move on my part) and fired it up. This thing blasted through the cubes and slightly scared me because of how easily it did this. Right afterwards I made the mistake of, with a smirk on my face because of how well this thing worked, glancing at the cat. He looked panicked and I’ve not seen him for days.

I like everything about the looks of this appliance, the colour, and the squared lines of jug which meld into the lines of the base. Layout of the controls is simple and stylish as well. The button sizes have even been well thought out. The display is nicely accented by the buttons and there is a French version bezel that can be used if needed. The speed control/TURBO button is located right out front for easy use with the speed being displayed right above it. A nice little extra is the filler cap in the lid can be used to measure out two ounces of liquids rather than just being a plug for a hole and it locks in unlike some other brands these days where the filler cap just sits loose. The lid is snug fitting; I still find myself holding it down as with the ice cubes simply because that was the training I received from our previous blenders. If you didn’t hold the lid you could be provided with an opportunity to spend quality time cleaning your kitchen. Placement of the jug on this device is so simple, with other blenders we own we need to make sure that things align just right and then jiggle it to make the drive mechanism interlock. Because this thing will destroy almost anything in it the jug sits on top of a thick guide cushion that relieves sideways impacts (think grinding up frozen items from a dead stop) and holds the jug snuggly, well done Cuisinart. If you have to shift the base with motor for cleaning the nice people at Cuisinart have embedded handle like features on all four side of the base that allow you to get a good grip. The spacing underneath the base leaves lots of room to get your fingers under it and the whole unit sits nice, no wobbling. The display has a bezel that covers all of the buttons and display making clean up a breeze.

The first thing we made were smoothies using the fruit Smoothie setting. I was pleased with how the programming changes the speed periodically which results in a better smoothie. Of course the blender destroyed the ice cubes and made such minuet crystals that the ice could not be noticed in the drink. Second item on the agenda and one that has proven too much for our other blenders including a high end Braun, was almond butter. The problem here is that after the nut pieces are ground to a certain point the oil comes out and starts to bind everything together like cement. This can quickly become extremely thick is what cratered our other blenders. The included recipe book explains how to use the CBT-2000C to make nut butters. Following their recipe, I was able to actually make almond butter. In the end it did cause the machine to bog down and kick out the over load protection after about 5 minutes but I had almond butter. Technically the problem here is that to make nut butter the blade has to spin at a slow speed and this requires a great deal torque to move the blades through the dense sticky material. To get this torque the speed controller provides more current and lower voltage to the motor. This higher current for any period of time will cause the over load protection to kick in and require a cool down period to reset. I cannot fault the machine here because it worked exactly the way it was supposed to and it went far beyond any other blender we’ve tried this with.

We purposely tried every setting on this machine and have had no disappointments. Performance has always been better than we’ve ever had with any other blender. It crushes, purees, blends, whips, and then cleans itself. Clean up is as easy as it gets unless someone can figure out how to make the machine take the jug to the sink, fill it with water, put a few drops of dish soap in it, place it back on the machine and start the cleaning cycle buy itself. That and a quick rinse in the sink to remove the soapy water and you’re done.

We allowed it to use its varied speed programming for numerous concoctions and have no complaints about any item. We went all out human and tinkered with the speeds and when trying to reproduce the items it has been preprogramed for we didn’t get results as good as the automatic settings provided. Full auto, yes you should let this blender go full auto.

What we discovered was that the engineers have come up with programming that pulses the blades at different intervals and speeds depending on which pre-set cycle you chose. They must have downed a lot of smoothies and other goodies to get things just right.

3.5 horse power
Up to 30,000 RPM
Great looking
If needed the whole top of the machine is easy to wipe clean, jug holder comes off so it can be washed in the sink
Easy to hold jug, light compared to others with rubberized handle
Cap fits tight, no worries about it popping off and making a mess
Easy to move if needed, hand holds on the bottom
Wide spacing of the rubber feet make it sit solid on your counter
10-year motor warranty, company stands behind their product
Able to go where no other blender we’ve owned has gone before
Recipe book is worth having on its own, it included more information than I was expecting from something that’s included with an appliance

I would have to really sit and seriously think about it before I could find even one thing to nit-pick about.

Warranty on this items is fantastic. The included documentation indicates a 3-year limited warranty. The Cuisinart web set states it comes with a 3-year limited and a 10-year limited warranty on the motor. That’s a pretty bold statement, 10-year warranty on the motor, the one thing that does the most amount of work. Once again, Cuisinart quality.

Ok I’ve raved about this blender all throughout my review. The reason is simple; this is a top notch blender that punches well above the consumer kitchen level. I would absolutely recommend this blender. If you’re considering spending less on another product I believe it’s wise to invest a little more and buy quality that you know will be working years from now rather than purchasing something disposable.


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