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CRIUS ICE BALL MOLD – 6 Spherical Cavity food grade Silicone Ice Ball Maker Mold

CRIUS ICE BALL MOLD – 6 Spherical Cavity food grade Silicone Ice Ball Maker Mold – Ice Cube Tray – Flexible Silicone For Food Contact – BPA Free
Offered by Crius Demeter inc. CDN$ 11.99

Make some very cool ice balls for your next get tougher with family or friends


This is one cool ice cube mold.

The novelty of this thing will go on for some time. I like that the ice balls are larger than the usual garden variety refrigerator ice cube moulds. They also look really cool when you have three or four in a glass.

Using it is about as easy as it gets, place the top inside the bottom and make sure they fit together nice and snug.

I would suggest you pour water into the holes with small funnel and easy off pouring as you near the top. If you overflow it’s not a big deal as the water is contained inside the top portion but after freezing you have little ice pieces that need to be cleared off. Once you have the moulds filled you can’t pour off the excess without draining water out of them.

I played with it and didn’t completely push the two halves together, I purposely left them unsealed to see what would happen. The water ran out and started filling the open spaces that surround the moulds so no big deal however if you’re not paying attention it’s possible to over fill and have the excess water run out onto whatever you have it sitting on. In other words, with a little are this is easy to use.

Once frozen it’s not very difficult to remove the ice form the mould. Since the silicone stretches easily you can push the balls out by pushing from the bottom. This way they don’t break.



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