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Corsair Semi-Modular ATX CX550M Power Supply CP-9020102-NA

Corsair Semi-Modular ATX CX550M Power Supply CP-9020102-NA
Offered by Mikes Computer Shop
Price: CDN$ 87.46


For a standard PC it’s a solid PSU and so far it’s been nice and quiet in this build

Great timing for this to come along, I was assembling a new build for my wife’s PC.

I admit, I’ve not been a Corsair fan since a couple of their SSD’s suffered what was then called the “Corsair Effect” (hockey socks full of SSD drives failed within a short period of time) and crapped out on me a few years ago. But just as with my dislike for Seagate and their multiple failures years ago was changed when I tried one of their Iron Wolf drives, maybe it’s time to give Corsair a chance. When I think PSU’s I want stability even when power bumps hit. I also want them to actually put out the rated current and not sound like a garbage truck on trash day. Fortunately the 550M will give me this now and then when I upgrade the 750Ti to a 1070 I should still be able to keep this running. When looking at the rear it’s nice to see the absolute minimal amount of space taken up for the power switch and AC cable connector, the rest is all grill to allow max air flow. It’s surprising how many PSU’s had covered a lot more of this area and restricted air flow.

My wife’s not a gamer so the PSU won’t need to do any heavy lifting right now, CPU i7 third gen, GPU is an 750Ti which the 550 can handle on idle. The rest of the machine is nothing special, a couple of HDD and SSD, and some USB powered pieces. For this build the number of available rails is more than enough. The cables themselves are not sleeved but still have that techy. Personally, I don’t need to look at the inside of the tower but I know some people like to dress up the innards and sloppy cables ruin the look faster than anything else. The connection options (rails) are a nice thing. Not many years ago modular power supplies were unhear of and this meant a rat’s nest of cabling that did nothing for aesthetics but restricted air flow and collected dust balls the size of large rodents. Only using cables that are needed makes my life a lot simpler especially in an older case like the Antec 900 which doesn’t have any cable management slots.

Of the included RAIL cables there is one with the four pin Molex IDE connectors which also includes a connector for GASP… floppy drives. Yes some of us old guys still haven’t moved everything off of the old media. Also some older peripherals like card readers use that connector to power them. I know the new USB stuff works faster and only needs one cable but I can be stingy, if it breaks then replace it. While it won’t come into play in this tower it’s nice to see Corsair still paying attention to things like this, that or they had over stock. I do have some IDE drives which are still in excellent condition and useable so the IDE connector cable is appreciated as it means I don’t need to add an adapter.

Running it under load and monitoring the 5v and 12v rails they are nice and stable.

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