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Corsair Power Supply TX750M

Corsair Power Supply TX750M
Price: CDN$ 124.99


Stable and quite, what a PSU should be

The 750 is large, larger than a standard 550 or 600 watt power supply but I don’t know why some reviewers think this is strange. Any power supply I have used personally over the years that had more than 600 watt capacity has been larger. More power capability means a larger package.

I’ve used various Corsair PSU’s over the years and have been relatively happy with them, I can’t recall ever having to replace one due to it dying. Other brands have cratered but not the Corsairs. That said, in the past 20 years I can’t recall more than three PSU’s failing on me. As long as they are kept cool, which means getting an air compressor and blowing the dust out, by allowing good air flow, and sizing the current capability to what will be drawn out of it a PSU can keep going for a lot of years. Usually I end up buying a new one to go with a mobo replacement/upgrade where I’m also adding a more powerful GPU.

The Corsairs I have run cool and I’ve never experienced a lack capacity, in a couple of my machines I run several, up to 15 HDD’s some of which see a lot of use as NVR and back up drives.

When I received this PSU I swapped out a competitors product so that I could load test the thing. You can see from the pictures that the Corsair is actually shorter by a noticeable amount. Not that I needed more room but less hardware in a case means better air flow for cooling. The case it went into is a Fractal Design R5 which allows for the PSU to be mounted upside down and still allow for excellent air flow as the case bottom is only covered with a screen. This means that the air it takes in is cool, from outside the case, rather than internal air which has been heated up by other components.

When placed on a PSU tester the voltages are all where they should be and are stable. Even when checking voltages under load with a Fluke the PSU keeps the voltage where it needs to be while dumping a lot of current.

I appreciate that the kit included cables for connecting some legacy hardware. Some of us still have what would be considered ancient hardware that gets used occasionally. The semi modular design is great, reducing the cables means more air flow and also less to deal with trying to run useless cable through the management slots.

After testing in one machine running 15 drives I moved the PSU to the gaming rig. So far, running a 1080 with 5 HDD’s and an OS SSD this thing is purring along.

Price wise, for the power capability, stability, and warranty this ends up being a good deal.

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