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Corsair CA-9011156-NA Void Pro Gaming Headset with Dolby

Corsair CA-9011156-NA Void Pro Gaming Headset with Dolby
Price:CDN$ 109.99 + CDN$ 11.54 shipping


Better than your average gaming headset Booboo

I’ve said it before, I’m not a Corsair fan. I’ve had bad luck with their keyboards and memory. Then a few years back they had SSD’s die enemas and I was one of the unfortunate that had several die, all within a short period of time. This turned me off the whole product line up. Only recently was I able to review one of their current power supplies and I have to admit, I’m happy with it but when I saw the headset I thought it would give me an opportunity to find something new to complain about. I was wrong.

TL;DR – For the money it’s a very nice gaming headset . Nothing super fancy, just the features I need except an LED that shows mic is active. Very good audio reproduction on both the drivers and mic input. Comfortable for long gaming sessions, soft muffs and easy adjustments.

The first thing I noticed after opening the box is that this thing is built like a tank. It appears to be far better built than any other headset I have used. That said, they aren’t a lot heavier than most of those other headsets. The slight bit of extra weight is borne by the ultra-soft ear muffs as they sit completley over top of my ears and then the cushion which runs across the inside of the head band. This is a full over the ear headset, the muffs do not sit on my ears, they completely envelope them. I found that after a few hours they still remained as comfortable as when I first slipped them on. The muffs move and swivel in three axis allowing for a very comfortable fit.

Sound wise they produce some pretty good audio. While not on par with $300+ products they are better than some of the costlier headsets I own. I was also expecting the reproduction to be heavy on bass as the drivers are very large. I found that they don’t lack in any area and are nicely tuned. When listening to music I find that they do produce a nice deep and rich experience, not that I expect to use them much for music but it’s just an important item I like to check on when I get a new headset. The “Corsair Utility Engine” software allows for some equalization to help tweak performance if needed. The software is multi functional, if you already own a current model keyboard or mouse and have the software installed you’ll most likely find that you can use it for the headset as well.

The equalizer with a few pre-sets is ok, it does allow for customized profiles if needed/desired and it also has the Dolby Surround enhancement. It’s being sold as a 7.1 kind of enhancement but I find that it’s very much like the “expand” feature many audio apps have. It does add some depth to the audio programming but it’s no replacement for an actual 7.1 system.

The mic can be folded up and out of the way. It’s also semi ridged allowing it to be bent into position, the other current headsets I own all have very stiff mic booms and they aren’t in the best position. There’s one thing missing here, an indicator LED on the actual mic tip that would show either mic on or off. The mute button is easy enough to locate by feel, it’s a long bar rather than some tiny button, but I never really know if I’ve depressed it far enough to change state. When folded up the mic is not automatically muted as with some headsets. When the volume is set at full, both on the PC and headset and listening to music or in game explosions which are really loud, there is no feed back through the mic. This has been an issue with other headsets and always a concern. I found that using the mic gain control provided by the software I was able to find that sweet spot where no one has problems hearing me but they don’t hear what I’m listening to nor do they hear my mashing about on the mechanical keyboard.

With the software, I can also set up side tone so that I can better hear myself rather than shouting which brings unwanted local attention from other inhabitants of the dwelling. This is important as the muffs do a very good job of eliminating external background noise.

The volume control located on the same muff as the mic and mute button (left hand) is easy to get at and offers resistance when making adjustments. This allows for easily finding the right level. As for volume, there is more than enough to make your ear drums slap high fives in the middle of your cranium. I had my doubts on how loud it could go as I’ve not had good luck with USB to audio jack converters providing enough power to properly drive a headset. No problems here.

The four pin jack works in any device I have with a 3.5mm jack, laptop, tablet, or phone. Used with a phone I found the mic sounds better than any other headset I’ve ever used, Bluetooth or direct connection.

Installation was simple, install the software, plug in USB adapter, use headset, viola. No hassles.

I’m a PC only gamer so can’t comment on its connectivity with consoles but there are other reviewers who have covered that aspect.

The biggest regret here is the lack of a “mic active” LED.

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