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Computer bike LCD backlight Computer


Computer bike LCD backlight Computer Cycle Automatic Wake-up Speedometer Wireless Waterproof and Multifunction for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Offered by CYUK Price: £16.98



Super easy to fit and clear instructions for use!

Excellent bit of kit, easy to set-up and works perfectly.

I remember when you had to pay a-lot of money for these cycle computers and its nice to see how much we can get for such a little price now. Wireless and works flawlessly, a simple setup involves nothing more than comes in the pack. Oh ok so you need scissors too but I think that’s acceptable.

The instructions explain clearly how to use and if you have used these kind of computers before then it will be a 5 minute job for most. If you haven’t then no fear as the instructions are easy enough to follow one step at a time.

Works flawlessly and looks great too, the computer panel itself is not huge yet feels well-made and pretty tough. It can be removed from the mount easily enough although again the fittings seem to be strong and I have no doubt that there will be no slip offs.
Of course as advertised it is water proof so am sure leaving the computer on the bike will be fine when not in use but for people like me who like to remove from the weathers when not in use, this kit works perfectly!

Couldn’t be happier with my order and easy to recommend to all!

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Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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