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Car Code Reader Launch 6001 OBD2 Scanner Scan Tool Full OBDII/EOBD

Car Code Reader Launch 6001 OBD2 Scanner Scan Tool Full OBDII/EOBD Diagnostic Functions with O2 Sensor Test and On-board Monitor Test
Offered by LaunchDirect
Price: CDN$ 119.99


Simple to use, a lot of features for a hand-held device and priced so non-mechanics can afford it

Right up front, you dont need to be a mechanic to use this scanner. The information it provides is straight forward and in plain english, no technical mumbo jumbo or needing to cross reference the information with some data base.

We have a few older vehicles which means that we get check engine lights coming on every now and then. Typically this means I need to book an appointment and take it in to see what’s gone wrong. Since not every error requires immediate service it’s nice to know when I do and don’t need to get the vehicle serviced.

I found the 6001 easy to use. There are some language/translation items that need attention but overall it’s easy to use and navigate through the various options. The controls are easy to use and give me nice feedback, I can hear and feel that I’ve pressed a button. The screen is readable but could be brighter when used in sunlight. The included manual is thin on information. It could contain a lot more info

The first thing I did was attempt to update the firmware. This wasn’t easy to do. I had trouble with the website as its not all in English and laid out in an odd way. The software itself is also not well laid out and not all English. After searching for, finding and then working to install the software I couldn’t get it to detect the reader. I tried on three separate laptops, one Win 7 and two Win 10 machines.

Since I couldn’t get the software to work I decided to see if the reader worked. So for I’m happy with it, I’ve used it with:
2007 Chev 3/4-ton diesel
2012 KIA Forte Koup
2014 Ford Escape
When switching from one vehicle to another there was nothing I needed to do other than plug it in. The first screen that comes up after selecting to read the port shows the reader automatically going through a series of protocols used in OBDII ports till it finds the one which is being used be the vehicle ECM.

The Chev had a problem, I knew this as I had it in the shop to find out that the number 8 glow plug was shot. When I plugged the reader in it immediate showed me the same thing once I selected the error code display. The reader showed the actual error, not just a code number which would then need to be matched up with some kind of a chart or data base which is what the previous readers I had required.

I’ve played with a couple of other readers in the past, the type where you plug a device into the port, it reads the ECM, and then you take that and plug it into a comp to read the information. This is a lot easier. I also get real time graphing and statistical information while I’m in the vehicle. The cable is more than long enough to allow me to hold the reader while plugged in.

I like the graph display which plots in real time things like engine temp and a load of other items. You don’t need to be a mechanic to use this device. A couple of minutes playing with it and my wife had most of it figured out.

Hopefully they will update the web site and software in the very near future.



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