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Cancer – Step Outside the Box (6th Edition)

Cancer – Step Outside the Box (6th Edition)
by Ty M Bollinger

Cancer, Step Outside The Box is a light at the end of some peoples tunnel giving hope


Ty doesn’t hold back in this book, he nails the big pharmaceuticals to the wall. This book is so well researched, I haven’t found anything else that gets close when you compare the breadth of what he covers. I’ve ended up buying four of the books, one to keep at home and three that I lend out to friends and family who want to learn why alternative (what a twist, natural treatments that have been around for centuries are now labelled alternative) are better at fighting cancer than the so called convention treatments.

What Ty does very well here is explain why cancer is NOT (yes that right cancer is not) a disease, its simply the result of something else going wrong in the body and the body’s immune system, being over loaded with all the crap we eat and are subjected too, can’t take care of the resulting cancer cells. Yes I know, here’s where a large number of people are going to label me as a moron, everyone knows cancer is a disease, the white coats know what they’re talking about after all and they have your best interests in mind when they treat you. I only have one question for people when they bring this up, if the oncologists won’t take the chemo drugs why should anyone else? Of course this is news to them because main stream media won’t bring you those stories, pharmaceuticals spend way too much money advertising drugs with the networks, no one wants to tick off a good paying client. Still think I’ve been imbibing the kool aid? Look up any chemo drug on the FDA web site, its listed as a carcinogen, yes that’s right, the drugs used to fight cancer cause cancer, this is why the chemo pushers consider anyone who lives more than five years after taking chemo a success, they know that the chemo drugs cause the cancer to typically come back with a vengeance in the fifth to sixth year. This book takes on the big pharmaceuticals and doesn’t look back.

If your here because you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, please get this book and keep reading everything you can on alternative treatments, Amazon has a ton of good material. In addition to this and more important, locate a good holistic practitioner in your area. Even if you’ve already taken chemo and are looking to find out what’s next, you can do a lot to rebuild your immune system and body in general to ensure you’re not another victim of the 5 1/2 year cancer rebound. You’ve gone through chemo, and possibly surgery and radiation, once already so you know what it’s like, don’t put yourself through it again. By the way, chemo drugs kill more people than cancer in the US every year. Check out the FDA web site for details, it’s all there if you dig for it.

Back to the book…

I found that the first half of the book stretched on too long, I understand why Ty wants to be thorough and make sure you understand why there will never be a cure for cancer brought to you by those nice people at the pharmaceutical mega corporations but it goes on to long. There’s too much repetition here though.

Once that’s out of the way Ty has done a wonderful job of laying out the natural option to cancer treatment. I personally have used three of the choices listed with B17 being my first weapon of choice when battling the beast. Ty takes research from several sources and lays this all out in a way that’s easy to read and understand. I appreciate that this isn’t all medical jargon, rather Ty has brought this to you in layman’s language. He lays out each of the most commonly used alternatives with a chapter for each. Ty also spends a lot pages talking about nutrition and the need to change up what you’ve been eating which is part of what causes cancer. No oncologist I’ve met with has ever mentioned this, in fact it’s well known that cancer feeds on sugar, in fact if you remove all sugar cancer cells die and every oncologist knows this. Have you ever been in a cancer centre, waiting to see the oncologist and the coffee wagon comes around with all those nice sugar filled cookies! You decide what this means. One of the tools used to locate where the tumours are located involves the use of consuming a drink laden with sugar that has been tagged to a radioactive chemical so that when it ends up in the tumour it lights up on the PET scan. The reason for this is that cancer cells eat up sugar at 10 time the rate of any other cell in your body, sugar feeds cancer and Ty’s book explains this and so much more.

I appreciate that this isn’t just an average fellow, Ty, putting his own thoughts in print, rather the people he’s gleaned the material from are MD’s, PHD’s, researchers, holistic practitioners, some of which have themselves battled cancer using the treatments contained in the book. This isn’t fantasy, this is real life and I’m living proof that alternative treatments work.

Cancer, Step Outside The Box is a light at the end of some peoples tunnel giving hope after being told that there’s nothing else that can be done after conventional treatments fail.

Heck even if you haven’t been diagnosed with cancer read the book so you know what you can do to avoid it which is far better than having to fight it. My only reason for giving a 4 1/2 star rating is because so much space was used to repetitively explain why there will never be a conventional treatment for cancer.

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