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Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker, Black
Price: CDN$ 155.00


It’s an excellent coffee maker that also happens to look great in any kitchen

The Braun KF7150BK is like the middle child of the KF7XXX series of coffee makers. All of them make excellent tasting coffee and come with great features. They also look very attractive and definitely add some class to the kitchen.

Essentially the difference between this and its bigger brother the KF7170SI is this machine doesn’t have the stainless steel wrap around the top portion where the clock and controls are. In my opinion this extra band of stainless doesn’t justify the additional $20.00 you would pay. Feature wise they offer the exactly the same options. They also have the same carafe, water filter system, on board reservoir and excellent design for aesthetics and functionality.

The clock is a nice size and can easily be seen from across the room. I like that it’s a white clock as I get so tired of the standard red and blue LED’s that are in everything these days. Power and options button are up top where they are easy to get to and away from anything that gets hot. They do require some pressure to activate eliminating unintentional pushes. Braun has done an excellent job of making the feature programming simple. If needed the manual explains everything very nicely, you don’t have to be a technical person to operate this appliance. When you look at the machine you can tell it’s been well engineered top to bottom. Lines are nice, the stainless finish is well brushed, the contrast between black and stainless is very attractive.

Before the water ever gets to the coffee grounds the internal filter is capable of removing most of those things that make coffee taste like gutter water. This is a nice touch. There’s long arm that holds the filter at the bottom. Since the filter should be replaced approximately every month the holder/arm has a little green slider that allows you to mark when the next change should be. A nice touch. The glass carafe is the standard non thermal variety that pours nicely. Its incremented on two sides for up to 12 cups. The lid is made in such a way that drips stay inside the carafe (yes they really do) rather than dribbling down the outside where they would normally end up being cooked dry into a hard to remove stain. Operating the carafe lid is easy by pressing down on the top mounted lever with your thumb. All pretty standard items for a coffee pot these days. I’m not a big fan of paper coffee filters. Braun uses a fine mesh removable filter that comes out easily for cleaning and filling. Washing it is a breeze and these things last for a very long time if you don’t damage them physically.

The carafe slides smoothly in and out of its holder/warmer. Yes, there is a warmer that you can adjust, hi or low, for keeping the coffee warm if not used right away. There’s also the interesting 1-4 cup option which changes its brew programming to make sure small quantities of coffee taste as good as a full pot. Once the carafe is pulled out the no drip system does a very good job of keeping coffee off the heating pad. Yes, there were a few drops but I’ve never found a machine that didn’t release at least something. Not having to scratch off coffee stains with my thumb nail alone makes this machine worth it.

So all of that out of the way, does it make a great cup of coffee, yes with two thumbs up. Not only is it well designed for looks the brewing side of this coffee maker is well engineered. We tried 2, 4, 8, and 12 cup brews and all came out with great tasting coffee. For the 2 and 4 cup brews we used the 1-4 setting and all I can say is, yes it does work and works very well. The first few brews we found the coffee tasted a little weak, all that was needed as adding an extra scoop. While I don’t know why, after we discovered this we have no complaints.

It’s actually hard to find anything to complain about with this or any of the series coffee makers. If I were to have one thing changed it would be making the area where you add water to the reservoir just a little bit larger. I know this would make it difficult to line everything else up but here’s something to consider. I’m a fair bit taller than my wife so it’s easy for me to see where I’m pouring. For her she has to get on her tippy toes and then it’s still half seeing and half guessing where to pour. The counter this is sitting on isn’t that high nor is the machine that tall but combined it’s a problem for her, she’s just vertically challenged but there are a lot more people which live at lower altitudes that like coffee.

So when compared to other coffee makers in its class this scores very high, I have no reservation giving it 5 stars.

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