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Boomer Nutrition Protein Energy Chocolate, 680g

Boomer Nutrition Protein Energy Chocolate, 680g


Ok product, not great but ok. That said we won’t add it to the shopping list

Seems this is one of those love it or leave it tastes. For us, we actually like the flavour. It’s a mild chocolate/protein taste that while not what I want to eat on its own is fine when mixed into something else.

What I don’t like is the sugar and soy. Since it already contains stevia why add sugar? I know cane sugar isn’t a GMO product but it’s still highly refined. Soy? It isn’t labelled as non-GMO so I am forced to assume that GMO soy is used and this is something that we want to avoid. It doesn’t matter where you sit on the fence about GMO products, we choose to avoid them as we want to eliminate as many chemicals as possible. If Boomer wants to get more traction with health conscious people then switch to non-GMO ingredients and drop the sugar altogether. In a smoothie who needs any sweetening at all?

Whether we add it to our juicing mix or smoothies it dissolves easily enough and we don’t feel any grittiness as with some other protein products. We switched and gave this a two week run. I don’t care for using something one day and writing a review, that’s not helpful to anyone. With something like this two weeks is the minimum. In that time we were able to determine that it’s working fine, the way we feel after working out and in general, so its thumbs up from that perspective.

What mystifies me here is why they went with such a silly and out dated marketing ploy. They use a huge container and only half fill it to give the impression you get more for your money when buying it. Come on guys, seriously, people aren’t stupid and this will leave a negative impression so package it accordingly. I know with a powder there will be some compression in transit and when sitting but not 50%.

Nutrition wise it’s ok. I like the proportion of calcium, something that you look for when you get older as bones need fortifying and the whole milk building bones myth is a thing of the past. The 110 calories per serving could be dropped at least a little if the unnecessary sugar was removed.

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