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BlackBerry DTEK50 Unlocked Smartphone

BlackBerry DTEK50 Unlocked Smartphone, Black
Price: CDN$ 399.99


Another secure phone from BlackBerry that performs above its class, and price point

I’ve owned a BlackBerry PRIV for about a year (long line of other BB’s before that) and while not particularly thrilled with the hardware aspect of that phone I do like running Android on top of the DTEK security. DTEK allows me to keep Googles overly invasive demographics collection to a minimum while still getting the advantage of using Android which is more like Windows as far as connectivity than Apple products. Apple has that irritating iTunes pain in the hieny program that they just seem to love but most people I associate with would very much like to ditch.

Beside the iTunes issue, the big thing that drew me away from Apple years ago is the security BB gives its users. Here especially the DTEK configuration provides a great deal of confidence that Google is going to have a hard time slipping in an app that will collect more demographics and even personal information. Win-win as far as I’m concerned. Loads of apps and all of them can be tamed.

My wife needed a phone so we’d been looking at what the carriers have to offer but unless you commit to a contract the phone prices are ridiculous. She also wasn’t a big fan of iPhones, there have been so many problems after doing updates that Apple has shot themselves in the foot. When we came across the DTEK50 and saw that the form factor was more like many of the phones that are available today it was clear that this was the time to switch and this was the phone she would switch to.

When it arrived the first thing it did was offer an update. I was expecting this as my PRIV had gone through an update a couple of weeks ago. As always with BB the update went painlessly.

It’s hard to really get a good impression of the phones dimensions by looking at it online. This thing is really slim and the screen is at least 40% larger than her i4 so she’s pretty pleased with it. While it looks great, the fit and finish is excellent, it’s also slippery. All of the components align perfectly, the bevelled edges make it feel nicer to hold than the new iPhones we looked at and in general it just looks better.

After initial setup I slipped in an unformatted micro SD card and allowed Android to format it which then allowed me to configure it as added internal memory. The 16gb it comes with won’t last long.

Here’s an important note. If you want to increase the available system memory you need to insert an unformatted micro SD card. This will force the OS to ask if you want to format it, select yes and then allow it to so its thing. Then when prompted select the option to use it as internal memory. This way it now has 80gb of memory and I don’t have to worry about going through the hassle of setting up the OS to load apps on a memory card that is set to be “external”.

Overall, using the phone for browsing and other non-phone call items, its smooth. The processor has no problems with any of the apps I’ve installed. The display is clear and bright. Everything about this phone looks and feels more like a top end product even though it’s not.

The nice people at BlackBerry also included a very nice sounding wired headset, nice touch.

This isn’t a QUALCOMM Quick Charge rated device but it certainly charges fast enough.

For the price we paid on Amazon we’re both happy, my wife got a new phone and I saved some money. I also didn’t have to get into a contract to receive the savings.

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