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BlackBerry ACC62174001 Leather Holster

BlackBerry ACC62174001 Leather Holster Priv
Offered by Wireless Experts, Inc.
Price: CDN$ 11.31


Average price for a well-fitting and sturdy belt loop case

I seem to be experiencing the opposite of what some reviewers have written about. I’ve had no issues nor have I any complaints with this case.

I also discovered that it works well for holding the DTEK60 phone, something I wasn’t expecting, more below.

It’s made to fit the PRIV and does so very well. It’s a snug fit and I found that the first while I was only half pulling out the phone before it slipped out of my grasp but that was simply a training issue, I needed to grab it tighter. There hasn’t been much in the way of stretching in the leather so its remained tight even after weeks of use. The belt loop swivel is solid, the indents for holding it at different angles are deep and the whole thing even with a phone inserted doesn’t swivel on its own.

The slight padding that two layers of leather provide is good enough for most bumps, even when dropping to the floor. The sued type of material that lines the interior is kind to the display and camera lens.

Looking at the construction everything is well done right from the stitches to the cut outs. There are no lose ends or imperfections. The magnetic clip has a strong enough hold that it keeps the phone from slipping out even when upside down yet it’s easy enough to release with fingers.

As you can see from the images, the DTEK60 is the right length to fit into this case comfortably. Front to back, thickness, it is a little lose as is it from side to side. So while not a snug fit it does work nicely for this phone as well which unfortunately has limited cases available. Point is that if you move from a PRIV to a DTEK60 like I did there’s no need to replace the case.

I really can’t find anything negative about this case, it’s price point is where it should be, it protects the phone, stay on my belt, and looks good.

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