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Black & Decker TO3290XSD 8-Slice Digital Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

Black & Decker TO3290XSD 8-Slice Digital Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven
Price: CDN$ 129.98


Looks and works ok but wouldn’t be on our list if we were looking for a new oven

This is an ok counter top oven/toaster that looks good and it does work as advertised.

That said there are still some issues that need mentioning when compared with other similar products in the same price range.

On the up side as advertised, it will toast 8 slices if your using the squared off white bread loaves, but it takes up a fair bit of counter space and while it is wide it’s not very tall or deep. It does a good job of toasting, roasting, and baking. We’ve done a number of small sour dough loaves in it. We can get a small chicken inside for roasting but that’s about it. Even large chickens are to tall, when the rack is positioned on the lowest slot, they come to close to the browning quartz elements and the top ends up getting burned while the rest is still under cooked. As you can see in the image below, I can do up a small Nan Bread pizza (or frozen pizza) but anything larger diameter than medium needs to be pre-cut as the rack isn’t very deep.

The door opens easily but there is little in the way of a counter balancing spring. Once the door gets beyond half way open it just wants to drop. The whole appliance is very light which is nice when it needs to be moved but this also allows it to be easily moved about unintentionally while being cleaned. The door has a fair gap running around it which allows a lot of heat to escape, possibly one of the reasons it takes so long to achieve the desired temperature when preheating for roasting and baking. The fan for convection backing isn’t very loud but it sounds… no other way to put it, cheap. As if it’s a small motor that’s working too hard.

There is one major problem for us, the very short power cord. We couldn’t place this where we normally keep our countertop oven. It’s only 2 feet (60cm) long and on the wrong side of the machine for it to reach the socket on our counter. We’ve had a few countertop ovens and not one of them has aver had this short of a cord. I recently bought a B&D toaster that also had a very short cord, I seem a theme here.

♦ The control interface is easy to use but also very simplistic. The display can only show one thing at a time, temp or time.
♦ There is only one small light on the top/centre button that lights up to indicate the oven is on.
♦ Because we use counter top ovens a lot we find lack of options make it frustrating to use.
♦ The front removable crumb tray is pretty standard and easy to remove and clean.
♦ Temperature wise it’s accurate enough to bake bread in, within a few degrees.
♦ There are three rack positions but only one rack with a drip pan that can be slid into the guides located at the bottom of the rack.

There are some fit and finish issues, its as if the pieces don’t quite fit together the way they should, see image where the top meets up with the front by control panel.

Overall it really is just an ok counter top oven and I don’t see the value at the price its selling for. Save up a little and spend more on a better oven.

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