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BLACK + DECKER HSV320J32 Cordless 2-In-1 10.8V Lithium Ion Stick and Hand Vacuum

BLACK + DECKER HSV320J32 Cordless 2-In-1 10.8V Lithium Ion Stick and Hand Vacuum

Price: CDN$ 129.99


Good idea, bad implementation, but it looks great

Performance wise this combo is ok but design wise, it needs improvement.

As far as looks go in the vacuum cleaner world this is a good looker. It’s light and manoeuvrable plus has decent vacuum power. The ability to go from upright to hand held in seconds make it very versatile and the type of thing that gets used a lot in RV’s. I’ve gone through half a dozen combo’s looking for the one that will remain as our go to in the RV and this isn’t it.

One big problem here is the amount of time needed to get a full charge. The battery is completely internal and as such the charger is a rather small wall adapter, the type that’s really easy to misplace (I speak from experience) and has a connector that you won’t find on other AC adapters so using something you already have isn’t going to work. Because of this, the time it takes to get a full charge is several hours. The manual lists a 4 hour charge time but I don’t get that, more like 6, so I leave it on charge overnight. As there is no charging port on the vacuum, it needs to be returned to the stick in order to be recharged. This is a nuisance and could be easily fixed if B&D simply put a 25-cent piece on the vacuum itself.

Total run time with the carpet brush operating is 17 minutes. A drop in power is quite noticeable when the battery is nearing the end. Some manufacturers such as Hoover utilize technology that gives you full power right up to the point where the battery is drained. The four LED bar indicator located on the front/top of the handheld portion does give approximate indication of how much battery life is left and when charging it shows the current state plus it flashes while in charge mode.

The swivel connecting the pick head up to stick is nice, it articulates over a wide range making it easy to go around tight corners. Problem here is that the swivel is loose. When placed in an upright position it wobbles and takes very little in the way of contact pressure to cause the whole thing to tip backwards or sideway. The lock located at the swivel isn’t tight enough nor does the whole thing have enough weight positioned forward of the centre of balance to keep it upright. It really needs some kind of a molded in eye loop that could be used to hang it on a wall.

The carpet brush works great for this size of a vacuum, it’s not adjustable so if you have any 70’s shag rug laying around avoid running this over it. It does great on short haired items such as runners placed in front of doors.

Power wise it does great for its size, used either hand held or in the stick. It easily picks up sand and smaller gravel pieces that come in on people shoes (winter time means sanding the sidewalks) and then cleaning out container is relatively easy. A very large button located on the top portion of its handle release the canister/filter assembly. The filter portion pulls out backwards which then allows the canister to be emptied. If you have a small compressor the filter it’ll make clean this out, since the filter is made of deep V material it’s hard to get everything out without air pressure. The outer screen portion does catch and hold larger particles but I find it hard to clean, it’s made of thick plastic with simple holes and the larger stuff sometimes gets caught half way so both the inner and outer sides need to be sort of scraped to get everything off.

Also including some kind of a crevice tool and upholstery brush would have made it usable for cleaning out a vehicle.

Overall it’s ok but I’m not that impressed with this set up, especially when comparing it to the Hoover we’ve been using for some time.

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