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BeiLan Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight

Toilet Sensor Lights, BeiLan Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight Home Toilet Bathroom Body Sensor Seat Light Night Lamp 8-Color Changes


One minor performance and then lights out, doesn’t work as advertised

Like many people, I was searching for a product that would aid a little guy in hitting the target when he has to pee during the night without the need to turn on the lights. This seemed like a decent product that was exactly what we needed.

There are however problems. First off it won’t hold standard sized AAA batteries. I literally have to jam them into the compartment. You can see on the image below that when two batteries are inserted the third doesn’t have room to properly fit, it rests on the previous battery and outer edge of the compartment.

Secondly, after jamming the batteries into the compartment it doesn’t work. I did get the LED to come on and allow me to select a colour after installing batteries but once it went out that’s it, shows over. The LED will no longer come on when depressing the colour selection button and it’s never come on when it should be sensing movement. It just doesn’t work and I’ve tried various different batteries.

I could make fun about the flushing this thing but that would probably cause the toilet to jam which would only further irritate me.

This is being sent back for a refund, thankfully Amazon has an excellent return policy.

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