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Barska AF10930 SKS Mount

Looks like many other similar mounts but the material is softer so I would suggest avoiding this one


Usually Barska products are the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to quality but in this case they are pretty much on par with every other supplier of a similar product but still on the cheap side. The difference between all SKS rifles makes it impossible to provide something like this that will work without requiring the you to become adept in using a file so it’s a matter of finding a mount that after having spent several hours preparing will last for years, this isnt it.

I will however say that this particular mount required more filling than those sold at the local shops. Not only did I have to file the two front points I had to remove a lot of material from the bottom and the tab which the pin passes though and locks down. In all it took over two hours and if you’ve gone through this before you’ll know that half the time is trying it on the rifle after taking a little material off and then repeating this numerous times. The end result is that the metal used to pour and produce this was softer than the other versions I’ve purchased. The softer material made for easier filing but also resulted in the two front facing points becoming compressed after a few hundred rounds which means that the scope and mount were moving sideways, enough that it was impossible to keep the scope zeroed. The mount ended up in the trash.

There is no great way to get a scope on an SKS but out of all the alternatives this is so far the poorest I’ve found and tried.


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