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Barbie Collector 2017 Holiday Doll

Barbie Collector 2017 Holiday Doll
Price: CDN$ 34.98


Collectors item yes, toy to be played with – not so much

Ok, Barbie looks gorgeous, but up close there are some things that could be done better.

Up close there are some fit and finish issues. Without even a close inspection mold lines can be seen on the arms and legs. In a few places these are actually quite rough. Her dress feels cheap and in general the doll just doesn’t feel like its going to last like previous generations which have survived more tea parties than any of us can recall. The older dolls seem (feel) like they’re made from a thicker sturdier plastic which is probably why they’ve survived so long.

The dress material, while its interesting with all the sparkles, is smooth enough when going with the grain but it did get caught on some rough edges quite easily pulling threads. These were easy enough to pull back through to the inside. It’s the little glitter pieces that seem to get caught making me wonder how long it will take before the dress would fall apart if the doll gets as much attention as other Barbie’s.

Little girls love to change dresses and try out combos, this is not happening here without a lot of effort since the arms are in no way flexible and getting anything sleeved on her is neigh impossible because of the way each arm is set. Models walking down a cat walk showing off a dress would hold their arms this way but other than for this kind of an occasion they don’t make sense. About the only piece of clothing that can be fitted on her is an open neck dress similar to the one she comes with or a tube top, that or let her run around nekked with a million-dollar hair do.

♦ The hair… don’t touch! It’s nicely formed and bouncy but doesn’t go back in line very easily if pulled at all.
♦ The stand does fit well and keeps her upright while on a shelf.
♦ Detailing is great. The nail polish on both fingers and toes as well as eye make-up are very nicely done.
♦ I’m a little concerned with her shoes. They don’t feel like the kind of thing that will survive too many changes. While not exactly delicate the open strap design isn’t very robust.

This really is more of a collector’s item and I don’t believe it was ever meant for little girls to actually play with, certainly not like the Barbie’s that have been forming fashion sense or flirting with Ken for decades. The dress and hair just won’t survive regular use.

After a quick “let me play with her” session Barbie was put back in the package where she’ll reside on a shelf as a collector’s item which will keep her looking good.

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