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AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit with HD Rearview Mirror Monitor

AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit with HD Rearview Mirror Monitor and IP 68 Waterproof LED Super Night Vision License Plate Rear View Camera
Offered by I-Max
Price: CDN$ 189.99


Nice easy to install back up camera system for an RV

Camping trailer installation.
Total time to install in trailer with extra wiring and switches, about an hour and twenty minutes. Time to install in truck, about 10 minutes total with most of that being taken up running the power cord up to the rear view mirror location so that it doesn’t hang straight down where it’s a distraction.

One of the biggest problems I encounter RVing is the backing up. I’m not so concerned with backing up the trailer into down the middle of an access to a camping spot or our driveway as that’s easy enough, it’s a matter of how far can I back up when there are picnic tables and tress behind me.

I like this idea. The in truck portion of this system isn’t permanent and can be put into play whenever needed. We will, depending on the year, use the RV for weeks at a time and then it sits for months. Obviously I don’t need to have a backup system installed during these off months. With this setup all I need to do is either place or remove the in cab mirror portion. This takes me all of about two minutes to do. It only takes 2 minutes since I leave the power cord in place.

The camera and transmitter combination can stay mounted on the RV. There’s no need to remove this portion of the system when not in play. I do have it set up in such a way that I can switch it off just to ensure that there is no current drain, no matter how minimal it might be, on the batteries even though I have them hooked into solar panels. This portion of the installation took about an hour and ten minutes with 10 minutes being taken up running the connector cable from the camera into the trailer and hooked into the wiring system. In my case I also ran one wire underneath the trailer so that I could get the camera powered on only while in reverse. It makes no sense to have it running when not needed so I took this extra step. Power was right inside the area where I ran the short power cable which connects to the splitter, power and video feed, and also into + and – power connection. The wireless transmitter box could then be placed so that it was higher up and not right next to the wall which is aluminium clad on the outside.

Since I had it rigged up in such a way that I could power the camera/wireless transmitter portion of the system even when the trailer isn’t connected I was able to drive off in the truck to get an idea of how far away I could be and still have the system useable. I found that if I drove straight out in front I only got about 75 feet but off to the sides I was able to get about 400 feet. The reason for this is simple, the aluminium blocks radio signals so when I was off to the side the signal was coming out of the windows rather than being blocked by the aluminium front portion of the trailer. Still, even 75 feet in this set up is pretty good. If I had an external antenna to hook up and then place on the roof I could probably be several hundred feet in any direction and still have the system useable.

The camera/video quality is excellent. I’m not thrilled with how bright the screen is in daylight, it half washes out. The mirror portion has a day light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness. If I cover the ambient light sensor (left side of the power button) it dims down and has a lot more definition. Much easier to view this way. There were a few not unexpected drops in signal quality. This is due to the signal being blocked and just a part of how wireless camera systems operate. Metal interferes.

The green, yellow, and red lines which show on the monitor screen make it easy knowing when to stop as the camera employs a fish eye lens which acts like the side mirrors on your car where is says “Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”. These lines are very useful. The super bright LED’s on either side of the lens are pretty useful at night as they do ad a fair bit to the total back up lighting.

The camera itself is waterproof. I’ve had a different dashcam/back up camera system in another vehicle and its gone through plenty or rain showers plus a few car washes and it’s still working fine. I would suggest that if you use a do it yourself wand wash to not spray directly on the camera itself. This high pressure could damage the seals.

Overall a good system with great video clarity once it switches to night mode, day mode is too washed out.

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