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August MS625 – Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Pair

[Just Released 2016] August MS625 – Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Pair – TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Speakers for Home TVs, all Mobile Phones, Laptops, PCs, iPods – with Internal Battery for 15 Hours – Black

Good sound, bad build and BT connection


These little guys sound pretty good, when they work and are paired, which you will be doing regularly. I was happy that August gave me a discount on them but now I wish I would have got something else.

The remote speaker, one not doing the pairing, is constantly loosing connection with the main speaker as it is a wireless connection between the two. Many times it will automatically reconnect with the main but at least 30% of the time it won’t which means getting a hold of the remote speaker and power cycling it with the odd occasion requiring a power cycle on both speaker. Like I said, the paring issue is something you will have to consider if you buy these guys. It’s not just on my phone end. I have had the same issues with an Android (PRIV) phone and a Windows 10 phone. I also paired these speaker with two different laptops and a tablet, each one of these devices has the same issues with the speakers, constantly (at least once a day) requiring re-pairing which is a pain as you need to power down the remote speaker, then power cycle the main speaker, pair it with whatever device you’re tunes are on, then turn on the remote speaker again, then do this again tomorrow, and the next day…

I appreciate the splitter USB charging cable, it does make it easy to charge both units at once. Current draw on charge is about 100 MA which any USB charger will handle if you don’t have the in box one available. The rubber feet that extend almost the whole length of each speaker ensure it doesn’t slide around too much, if there’s a lot of base they will move on, especially once a little dust gets under the feet. They also have rubber tabs on the back side which allows them to stand on end if you should want to do so. Battery life is decent but that may be because I spend so much time with one speaker not working and/or re-pairing them.

Bluetooth range is below average. I tested with all 5 devices and had very similar responses with all. In my home I can get maybe 15 feet before the signal gets chopped. In contrast, a simple Bluetooth speaker I picked up from Best Buy for less money allows me to be at least 30 feet away.

As indicated, they sound good and have a decent bass response for such small speakers which make them great for casual music in the background, but the amount of time you spend making them work isn’t worth it. For the money there are better products available.

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