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Anker PowerCore II 10000 Ultra-Compact, Upgraded PowerIQ 2.0

Anker PowerCore II 10000 Ultra-Compact, Upgraded PowerIQ 2.0
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Nice little straight forward power bank that does what it’s supposed to

I’m happy with this power bank for several reasons, not the least of which it’s size.

This is a small and rather hefty little portable power bank. It’s not the smallest I have but it’s capacity is about double that of the smaller one.

Using it is about as simple as it gets. Use the included (or any micro USB cable) and plug it into a charger and let it go. There are LED’s (8) that progressively light up in a circle as the unit is charged. Once complete all 8 stay lit till removed from the charger. The LED’s actually sit on a button that when pushed, lights up the LED’s to give a relative idea of how much charge is left, something I appreciate as I don’t want to take a long a dead power bank.

These LED’s automatically come on when something that draws a fair bit of current is plugged into it and is drawing power. This lets me know that the device is being charged and give an indication of how much capacity the bank still has.

There are only two ports, one micro USB which is used for charging the power bank and one USB A which is used to charge whatever device its hooked up to. Both of these offer a snug fit for cable connectors which is an important item. The rate at which it charges is great and it is capable of quick charging at different voltages. You can see in the images that it charges one device at 5v (standard USB voltage) and a phone that can use it, at 9v. It auto senses and delivers the right voltage and current for the device plugged into it. I don’t have to worry about over charging and I don’t have to wait, the quick charge capability really makes a big difference.

► The capacity here, 10,000mAh, is enough to give my phone, BB PRIV, just over two full charges.
► Charging the bank from dead does take a number of hours and I have to leave it overnight.
► When I said hefty I mean hefty. This isn’t a light “stick it in your shirt pocket” kind of device. It weighs in at 191grams or 6.75 ounces.
► When plugging something that doesn’t draw much current, like a headset, the LED’s don’t light up but it still gets charged.
► It looks like it has the room and could accommodate a second USB port, this would be really useful as I often also need a Bluetooth headset to be charged at the same time as my phone.

Since it’s gotten quite cold here I was curious how well it would work in freezing weather since Lithium batteries can lose a lot of capacity in freezing temps. I took a few days and left it out in a shed and then used it to charge my PRIV. I still got the same voltage and current as shown in the pictures but after only one and about half a second charge it ran out of juice. This is normal for Lithium batteries and it showed me that this will work as expected even when other power banks have failed to provide enough power to actually charge a phone when used in the same temperature range.

The rounded corners are nice, it just feels better when holding it and I’m not worried about damaging something else when it’s stuffed in to a laptop bag.

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