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aGreatLife Wooden Abacus Educational Toy

aGreatLife Wooden Abacus Educational Toy for Kids with Free Magnetic Puzzle Activity Kit: Best Counting Number Frame with Brightly Colored and Child-safe Wooden Beads – Perfect Math tool for Toddlers
Offered by aGreatLife Price: CDN$ 25.90

Let kids be creative, who needs yappy toys that run on battery’s when you can have toys that run on imagination!


There are great toys and then there are those that are great, allow kids to use their imagination, and teach them at the same time. This is one of the latter.

The makers of this toy have done a great job of putting three fun and educational activities into one piece.

Keeping in mind the age group that will be playing with this:
~They can learn how to use an abacus to count
~Be happy just pushing the wooden beads back and forth if that’s what amuses them
~The beads can be part of learning colours
~The back side is a nice small white board that allows them to use dry erase markers to be creative
~As the white board is metal they can also use it for placing the included colourful magnets in ways that can represent various creatures or items. The fold out manual has some suggestions for the bigger humans so they can guide their kids.

And GASP.. it’s made of wood not some toxic plastic that will off-gas chemicals the kids will breath in for years.

After unpacking it and taking some pictures I took it over to a family members home. I had purchased it for this as I was informed that a few new toys would be appreciated. My niece runs a day home so this is a perfect testing ground for any toy. Kids love new toys, heck I’m ancient and still love new toys and managed to get a few minutes in with the magnetic puzzle pieces before heading out the door. Back to the kids. They took to this thing immediately and in about 30 seconds had it sussed out. When they were shown how they could use the beads, the future rocket scientists were hard at it learning to count the various colours while the budding artists had taken over the white board side.

There was of course a disagreement or two on who owned it or how the magnets should be arranged but the toy is well built and survived without any permanent damage. It’s very robust and not some flimsy dollar store item that will be tossed in the garbage inside of a week.

I may be old school but any toy that can entertain without the need for batteries is an excellent toy in my book. Let the kids use their imagination and tinker with things instead of sitting and listening to some moronic electronic talking Elmo that constantly repeats the same stuff.

When it comes to toys made for toddlers they are the ultimate authority on what’s fun and this passed the test. It now has a permanent home where it is well used.


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