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®BeFit24 – Medical Lumbar Back Brace

®BeFit24 – (Size 1) Medical Lumbar Back Brace – Made in Europe – 5 Year Warranty


Am sure it’s great but have no idea how to use it!
Ok so I ordered this presuming that it would come with some kind of instructions but apparently not!
So unfortunately some years ago I fractured my spine and although lucky and still have full use of my body it does cause me a lot of pain on a daily basis. Like all parents I have no choice but to work and so my husband suggested trying one of these Lumbar supports.
We have messed around with it and tried to fit it as we feel it should be but unfortunately was hit with a warning on wearing it incorrectly and so frankly am too frightened to wear it at all. I have to say though in complete honesty, when my partner fitted it for me as he thought it should fit. The support is great, it works to relieve the pain by supporting my back and kind of forcing it into the natural position my back should be.
The reasons above reflect the reason for 3 stars, I have full confidence that it would work properly I just feel that I can’t give 5 stars when I can’t use it through fear of fitting incorrectly and doing more damage than good.
I should say though also that this Lumbar support is very strong, well stitched and hides well under my clothes, I can see me getting the right advice and wearing this under my clothes without being conscious of anyone knowing it is there.
On this basis am happy to recommend this product to someone who either 1, knows how to use it or 2, can find advice that makes them confident to use it!

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