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Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Expressions Customizable Diaper Pail System, Includes Diaper Pail Starter Refill
Price: CDN$ 35.74


Easy to use and allows for using as little bag material as needed to disposed of

For guy’s, baby diapers = toxic waste and as such we want to avoid contact as much as possible. The Genie helps greatly in that regard.

Operation when needed is simple and can be done one handed. The little tab button that releases the disposal lid requires little pressure and is spring loaded. The flap which you see in the images is also spring loaded but takes a fair bit of pressure to press the diaper down past it.

The tube bag is a nice way of bagging the goods. It rolls out of the holder easily enough and the cutter located on the underside of the lid makes it easy to chop off only as much as you need, depending on how much each dialer holds and how many diapers you want to dispose of at one time, to tie the bag off. Once that’s done simply tie a knot in the tube again to create a new bag. Since the holder is a ring through which the dialers are pushed into the pail it becomes a sort of endless bag. Replacing the bag/holder ring when needed is as simple as opening the compartment lid by pulling up on it, slip in the new ring and pull out a bit of the tube to push into the pail. Open the top lid portion, tie a knot in the tube and you have a new continuous bag started. If I made this sound complicated in reality it isn’t.

Cleaning if/when needed is easy, its been designed in a way that keeps the bad stuff literally at the bottom inside the pail. And guys, this thing can be high pressure washed at your local carwash =)

For appearances, the included covers add a nice touch. The white shiny plastic doesn’t really lend itself to many decors whereas the covers do.

There are a couple of things that I would suggest be changed:
♦ The top lid portion that holds the tube ring and flap is too easy to open, there is no catch on it.
♦ The spring which holds the flap that diapers are pressed down through is too strong. There were times when pushing a loaded diaper into the pail resulted in the pressure needed to do so causing the inner material to squeeze out which resulted in discovering that the pail could be high pressure washed.

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