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Tenergy Premium D 10000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Combo: 8 pcs Tenergy Premium D 10000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Offered by Tenergy CanadaPrice:
CDN$ 109.99


Huge capacity and nice linear discharge

There aren’t many things that still take D cells but I have a few items that I won’t toss out. This means that I have to feed them either alkaline’s or constantly recharge some old cells. One item is an old but dependable UK (Underwater Kinetics) main dive light that’s been on well over 500 night dives with me, our dogs ball thrower, and an old DIY photo strobe power pack. The ball thrower is one of those mechanical things that keeps the dog occupied, she fetches the ball, feeds it to the thrower and the thrower punts the ball out for her and the cycle repeats. This can go on as long as the batteries hold out. Not long enough according to the dog. Cost of alkaline batteries almost caused me to moth ball this thing.

What I really like here is the 10,000mAh capacity, my old rechargeable’s don’t come near this capacity. It doesn’t seem to be the standard capacity for D cells these days.

When load tested the discharge rate is linear until the very end when voltage gets down to the 1.1v area.

When used in the dive light I don’t have to worry about running short of juice. Most of our night dives are shallow (less than 40 feet) so they last longer somewhere just over an hour. My previous, and very old, batteries were 4,000mAh and it was mandatory that I recharge them between dives. Here I can safely get two dives in even if the dives last longer. Fortunately, while designed for alkaline, the light works well with the lower voltage of rechargeables. With the power pack these batteries are delivering about 4 more hours per charge than those we were using previously. I’ve run several charge cycles now and not experienced any drop in capacity. Voltage on a charged battery is staying stable.

With the ball thrower, we were getting about half a day total, a few hours each evening. Now we easily get two weeks’ worth of evenings from one set. Charge time is of course increased and wholly dependent on the charges current rate. It’s always best to charge slow and I always make sure they have flowing to keep them cool.

Cost wise these are a great deal when comparing to other options and I’ve found that with batteries big brand names don’t mean you get a better battery.

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