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Bluedio U (UFO) Faith series High-End Bluetooth headphones

Bluedio U (UFO) Faith series High-End Bluetooth headphones Revolution Patented 8 Tracks /3D Sound Effect


A truly beautiful headset in every way

Everything about this headset is beautiful. The lines, detailing, finish, padding, and of course the sound quality.

TL;DR – A headset that looks every bit as good as it sounds. Beautiful audio reproduction with loads of bass if you want it. Phone audio is excellent, battery life is huge at 25 hours of playback. Padding makes it extremely comfortable for using hours at a time.

And they do sound great. Right out of the box I found the bass to be on the heavy side but I was easily able to tune to my preference with an equalizer. With any kind of an audio product how it sounds is a very personal thing. I can only tell you how I enjoyed this headset and what it sounded like for me. You’ll probably have a different experience but this is what equalizers were made for and in most cases making a few tweaks on an equalizer will produce a more pleasing result for virtually anybody. Even with heavy bass the mid’s and highs didn’t suffer nor were they over powered.
► The audio reproduction is so good that none of the subtleties that create an immersive experience were missing. Everything sounded bright and clear, nothing was muddy.
► All I did with the equaliser was pull back on the bass a bit and tweak the highs to get the config I prefer for any genre and my play list is, let’s say varied.
► I have $300 Sennheiser’s which don’t recreate audio that’s notably better than this headset!

All controls are on the right-hand muff. There are four arrows, up, down, left, right and then the centre is used as a multi-function button. Push and hold the MF button to power on, pair, and then power off the headset. The left and right buttons are for moving forward/backward in the play list, up/down buttons are for volume control. Pairing is simple, push and hold the MF button till the headset announces its in paring mode (LED ring on the button also flashes) and then in your phones BT devices list search for “U”. Yup that’s it just the capital letter U. Reconnection is smooth and simple. Range is slightly better than my other BT devices.

Bluedio U (UFO) has included what they call a “3D Sound Effect”. To me this sounds very much like the “expand” feature that’s often found in music player equalizer controls, much like the “hall” environmental setting except without an echo. It does a very nice job of simulating a large environment within the headset. To activate, on the right hand muff press and hold the “>” button, to deactivate press and hold the “<” button. This is where the multiple drivers really shine and

ʘ This headset is LOUD. Be warned, make sure to turn down the phones playback volume before pairing and listening for the first time. Like other headsets, this has its own volume control, totally independent of the phone volume. ‡ This is what allows it be so loud. This is where I found the one issue I experienced, the voice prompts are LOUD even if the volume had previously been turned down. The voice prompts are the typical, powering on, paring, power off, low battery.
‡ When connected via audio cable only the phone has volume control, the headset control panel has no functions other than to power on/off.

This is the most comfortabnle headset I have. Both inner headband and muffs look and feel like sheep skin (very soft) leather and have deep cushioning which keeps it comfy for hours at a time. Each muff has two axis swivelling which allows them to feel comfortable for both myself and my wife. Combine the swivelling with deep cushioning and they will most likely feel good for a large number of people. Weight wise they do have some heft but this also keeps them from feeling cheap. I can’t say that I really feel the weight when wearing them, probably because of the cushioning, there are no hard points that contact my head. Each ear muff also has its own 1 inch (25mm) pull down extension which provides a custom fit for adults with larger craniums.

Both muffs collapse, fold in, to make a slightly smaller package for storing or travel in a backpack.

For those who like specs:
♦ Bluetooth 4.1
♦ Supported Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
♦ Audio DAC Resolution: up to 24bit@48KHz
♦ Nominal impedance: 32 Ohm
♦ Frequency response: 5Hz to 25KHz
♦ THD: 0.3%-3%
♦ Sound pressure level: 120dB
♦ Music playback time: is rated up to a whopping 25 hours (I got 19 on the first charge running at about 65% volume)
♦ Talk time: up to 28 hours
♦ Full charge time: 3 hours (taking me about 3:20)

► Included audio cable is 5 feet (152cm) in length, longer than any other audio cable I’ve received with a headset.



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