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Sightmark 7.62×39 Boresight

Inexpensive way to keep an SKS scope on zero


This bore site works but it has some limitations.

I have three SKS rifles and enjoy shooting them. Like all SKS models there is the problem of keeping a scope on zero with the way it mounts. If you’ve gone through the effort to put a scope one of these things you’ll understand what I mean, if not it will be difficult to explain without writing an essay. I’ll just leave it that to get a scope on an SKS means you become adept at using a file. This is a nice low cost option vs. a full blown multi calibre bore site kit and since we have three of the rifles it was worth it. Obviously it works fine for setting the iron sites.

So every time we head out to pop a few of the kids talking toys (you know, those obnoxious things that jabber on for hours and you can’t wait for the kids to outgrow them so they can become targets and you get sweet revenge) the rifles can stand a quick check to make sure the scopes are still true. The easiest way to do this without wasting amo is the bore site.

This little guy simply slips into the chamber and shoots the laser down the barrel. Once you have the dot on target it’s easy to dial in the scope. It works.

There are some issues though:
~There is no power switch, you have to unscrew the back cap to remove the batteries to power them it off
~At 25 yards in broad daylight the dot isn’t really visible, even with new batteries, this is best done early morning or late evenings

There are alignment set screws for truing up the laser which is a good thing but to properly align one of these things without the use of a jig can drive someone to drinking, slipping the thing in and out of the chamber while making minute tweaks to the screws. It’s a good thing that they have Locktite on them from the factory and in this regard, we’ve fortunately not had any issues with this particular device.

It’s not the most rugged thing so we keep it packed in some cotton to ensure that if it does get any bumps they won’t affect its accuracy.

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