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12 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights Rainproof Wireless Solar Lights Security Lights

12 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights Rainproof Wireless Solar Lights Security Lights Spotlight Wall Light Night Lights for Outdoor Wall/Deck/Pole/ Yard Deck/Garden
Offered by Holan Direct Price: CDN$ 20.99

Easy to mount, brighter than expected, install and forget about it


This is one of those things that makes you feel a little more secure.

The last thing any thief wants is to be detected and when they come around in the night thinking it will be easy breaking in when its dark get a real surprise when they all of a sudden set off the light.

I like how simple these lights are to install and there’s no real maintenance required. It takes one screw at the top to hold it to whatever your mounting it on. It really doesn’t require any more than this to hold it as its light weight. There is a pin hole to the right of the motion sensor which the power switch is mounted behind. In the box, you get a small pin which fits into the hole allowing you to press the hidden switch. That’s it, your all set.

For maintenance, the only thing you need to do is spray off the solar panel with a hose if it doesn’t rain often enough. This washes off any dust which will block some sun light and thereby reduce the panels ability to keep the battery charged. Because of the slope on the solar panel any snow that accumulates will slip right off, especially once the sun hits the black plastic and starts to warm it up.

It amazes me how much light the new LED’s used in these lights put out. On a dark night, it can easily light up our back-door area for a good 15 feet (5 meters) in either direction from the door its mounted above. Since the light only comes on when it senses motion it doesn’t take much to keep the battery charged so even ambient light can be enough to keep it going.

I found the neighbour’s cat doesn’t set it off which is good as there isn’t any adjustment available. One thing to keep in mind, you want to mount this between 9 and 12 feet (3 and 4 meters) of off the ground to ensure it works properly. If mounted lower, it won’t detect motion until your right underneath it. If mounted higher it can cause the same problem as the motion detector range is like a swinging pendulum. You want it mounted so that the pendulum’s widest area is achieved which happened between 9 and 12 feet.

Overall the light is well built, fit and finish is good, no uneven edges and the back plate which covers the battery is well sealed against moisture. This was an important item for me. I wanted to see how well the light would stand up against a few days of rain because of the pin hole for accessing the switch and I got just that. I can say that even after 48 hours of mixed levels of rain the light is working.

~Easy to install
~No real maintenance required
~Very bright, lights up far more area than I was expecting
~Well sealed against moisture
~Peace of mind knowing that if low life thieves show up they won’t like being lit up unexpectedly and will high tail it


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