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1080P HDMI Male to VGA Female Video Converter Adapter Cable


1080P HDMI Male to VGA Female Video Converter Adapter Cable For PC Laptop HDTV Projectors,Raspberry Pi and other HDMI input devices

Offered by GoldenSwing Price: £7.29



Works perfectly for my secondary display!
Ok so I have used this kinda convertor for years but to be honest they have all failed sooner or later.
On first inspection I notice the connection for vga was tighter than previous sockets which feel nice and somehow better?
I ordered this to replace one I have been using around a year now, It unfortunately has been causing my secondary monitor to ‘flash’ or flicker on and off for some time, now me being me I thought it was a driver issue or another program fault on the pc but figured i’d try another angle by replacing both my main lead and convertor anyway. So it turns out that (obviously hense review) it was my older convertor. The new one works perfectly and does seem to have altered the picture positively, as the colours somehow seem more vivid! Either way, at this point i am more than happy with my order as my older VGA display is now running perfectly through this convertor to hdmi on my newer graphics card!
All in all am glad I ordered this part and so far am genuinely convinced it has also improved the visual quality over my older convertor.
100% recommended by me!

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